Thursday, 19 July 2018

Pure Ravishing Skin Serum - ALERT! BEWARE! WARNING!

Also know as:
Joli Skin
Jouliage Serum
Joli Skin Eye Treatment

This scam has recently come to my attention via emails I've been getting from the general public wanting JOLI to cancel their subscription and credit card payments.

At first I thought these emails were a trick themselves because JOLI don't take credit card payments, don't keep credit card details and don't hold people to subscriptions.  Also the people contacting me are not customers who've placed an order or subscribed to JOLI.

Then I received a letter in the mail, followed by a phone call and all became clear - once I'd put my PI hat on and did some investigative reporting.

Turns out there is a scam in play.  If you search for Pure Ravishing Skin Serum you will get loads of websites coming up offering you a TRIAL of the stuff.  Websites like Australia supplements, pure ravishing skin, supplements reviews, Australia fitness, online health markets, skin care beauty shop... along with adds on Facebook.  All boldly telling you RUSH MY TRIAL! and all the sites looking remarkably similar (see below exhibit A)... and ALL of them leave you with no way of actually contacting the 'company' offering the product.

The following image for Pure Ravishing Skin Serum, exhibit B, shows how the add appears on all sites...

But BEWARE!  They also 'sell' products under other names such as: Jouliage Serum & JoliQue - with the same image and RUSH MY TRIAL!  Enter exhibit C.

This scam has been linked to Delta Goodrem who's image they used with a link, leading people to believe the product is a genuine product made or endorsed by Delta.  Delta has since put the word out telling people it is a scam, to beware and NOT to click the link.  They use celebrities from different countries in this way to promote their scam.

The attached article outlines How it Works in a more comprehensive way (note the same imagery and details).  People sign up and receive a FREE sample and pay only $4.95 postage, they give their credit card details for postage payment, they are then billed monthly to the tune of $130-180 per month (because that's how much the serum sells for) - and you only have 14 days to cancel your trial from date of signup.  However, there is no company for you to contact to cancel your subscription!!!!

Now this scam is smearing my good name by saying the company selling the product is Joli Skin.

Will the real JOLI Natural please stand up

According to the details I've been able to gather: once you've clicked on the link and singed up an email is sent with  details such as: and there is a number to call where you get a help desk: 08 6117 3841.

If you send an email to the above address you get a response saying:

Thank you for contacting Customer Support.

*In order to cancel the account, please confirm ALL the following primary information on file below:*

Shipping Address
First and Last Name
Contact Phone Number
The last 4 digits on your Credit Card used.*

Thank you,
Joli Skin Customer Support

How would you rate my reply?
Great    Okay    Not Good

Contact Us
(Australia)        (AU) 1161-3906-89917
(New Zealand) (NZ) 1164-688-06440 
(Ireland)           (IRE) 11353-1890-810855 
(Toll Free)        (US)  833 501-4632

Other information gathered from emails sent to customers by this 'company' are:

EPURCHASEBSRGN. COM INTERNET Ref-071001236402 $4.95 and CQCHELPDESK. COM ITERETRef -  071001247977 $4.94 for postage of Pure Ravishing Skin face cream and
Joli skin serum.

... purchase will appear as "" on your
> credit card statement.
> Questions?
> Contact us at +61 8 6117 3841 or 

Shipments are sent from Fulfillment House, PO Box 4008.  As far as I can tell Fulfillment House is a distribution warehouse (kind of like Australia Post or FedEx), and they distribute products for other companies in a way that is difficult to trace back to the original sender.

There is little information to be gathered from these sources and the company in question is practically untraceable (hence why people are coming to JOLI Natural Skin Care for answers) and the payments pratically unstoppable.

Also: people are having adverse reactions to the cream this 'company' is sending out!


1) Do not fall for this scam off of a FREE trial and do not click on links!

2) Research a company/product first and look for reviews and an official website/contact details.

3) JOLI Natural Skin Care having nothing to do with this scam.

4) I have reported the scam details to authorities and hopefully something can be done about this.

5) If you have fallen for this scam already, CANCEL YOUR CREDIT CARD, and get a new one - because once they have your details they are HARD* to get a hold of.

*People are coming to me for answers which tells me people have been unable to locate, find or contact the company in question.

PLEASE HELP me spread the word by sharing this article and my YouTube Video with others on all manner of social media.  Let's shut these criminals down!

*      *      *

This has been an investigative report by JOLI Natural Skin Care - a legitimate Australian skin care company.



  1. My neighbour was caught by this scam and came to see me for help as she’s a bit older and not very comfortable with the internet. I rang the number and I was sure that when it was finally answered it stated that it was a reverse cost call. It went to a service desk in Asia somewhere with a terrible line and funnily enough every time I said refund the line would seem to cut out!
    Anyhow, long story short I said I was acting on behalf of my grandma and she’d come to me for legal advice because I’m the grandkids who is a lawyer. Eventually we got emails stating the cancellation of the subscription and refund of both amounts charged ($275ish!). I’d suggest that anyone else who is reading this try the same tactic. Mention the product is unopened and you are willing to return it for a FULL refund because fair trading means that you have a cooling off period between signing a subscription and changing your mind. Or something along those lines - I quoted consumer laws and said I didn’t want to start legal action, once we got to that point we were okay but it was terrible to listen and try to communicate.
    BUT BE PATIENT - your money back is worth it when a shipment of crap is $130! If you’d prefer you can send me your money and I’ll put some kitty droppings in a zip lock back and send it to you instead! ;-)

  2. When I tried phoning the number it didn't ring, it went straight to some music. Now that you mention the call was reverse cost it dosen't surprise me.
    I also tried their email which as least they replied to telling me how I could unsubscribe or cancel. However, since I didn't have anything to cancel I couldn't take it further to see if it worked or how long it took.
    It's good to know they do cancel and refund money. Well done handling that situation for your neighbour.

  3. Thank you Joli for your research.
    I have fallen victim to this scam only recently and am very distressed. I have now made to cancel and replace my credit card with the bank. After chatting with their fraud section I have found that this particular company is known to them and they had recommended to block the card to stop further charges and cancel. Thus replacing the card. No hastles with the Bank. Thank goodnes for that!

    1. Sorry to hear you were targeted by this scam Kel, though I'm glad to hear your bank was understanding about the situation.
      I can only imagine how many calls banks are getting regarding the costly payments they deduct from people's accounts.
      Such a horrible thing to do to people!

    2. The same happened to me. I ordered July and only received it today 15 October and the subtracted every month since then R1400 from my credit card. Where can I contact them. Help please. Phone nr and email

    3. Their contact details are listed above in the article. Good luck.