Monday, 1 June 2015

NutriBullet Commercial

Anyone who watches TV will mostly likely have seen those NutriBullet infomercials on those numerous infomercial channels (the adds are shown on pretty much all channels these days).

The commercial begins with the narrator talking about how the US has become the most over fed yet under nourished nation on the planet - while showing images of overweight people.  The narrator goes on to say it comes down to one thing 'nutrient absorption'. "We need to increase the nutritional power of the foods we eat (images of fruit and vegetables are shown)... to dramatically change the way we look and feel".

An imagine of a man's before and after shots are shown. Images that I have seen on other weight loss commercials prior to the NutriBullet adds coming along.

This opening narrative is a gimmick to suck the viewer in because the truth is, yes we are under nourished but not because we're not extracting nutrients from our foods properly, but because we're not eating the right foods in the first place. It implies that only with the NutriBullet will be begin to get our proper nourishment and nutrient absorption and thus loose weight.

There is no talk of exercise to counteract the weight gain or a change of mindset which often accompanies those who are overweight. The commercial, with it's above image, implies that with the NutriBullet alone you'll be able to lose weight and get healthy because you'll be extracting nutrition from foods.

"Introducing the NutriBullet, the superfood nutrition extractor!!!... with the NutriBullet you can turn ordinary food into superfood!!!..." The add goes on to say that the ONLY way to get the nutrients from food is with the NutriBullet because up until now our bodies have been incapable of extracting nutrients from foods. Hence it's ridiculous link (above) to obesity... as if to say that we're only fat because we've never EVER been able to extract nutrients from our foods or turn our foods into super foods.

It goes on to say, "Open up foods' hidden nutrition on a cellular level..."

Laughable! Um... hang-on... that's what our teeth and our intestines are for right!

We don't need a device like this to 'break down' foods because our bodies are designed to break down and process foods on a cellular level already. Our bodies are an awesome machine unto themselves. We are not overfed and under nourished because the NutriBullet hasn't existed up til now and we've needed it all this time. We're overweight because we're eating an enormous amount of bad foods for the first time in decades. And because giant corporations are deciding what types of foods will be available to us such as, corn syrup, processed wheat, bleached rice and sugars in just about everything we eat!

Instead of being sucked in by this commercial we're better off purchasing natural, organic healthy foods and eating them in larger quantities than the junk food we have on offer.

Those who follow my blog are not very likely to buy into this type of gimmick (or are you?), still I'd love to hear your thoughts.