Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Nail Art Tutorial no.1

Purple varnish with while mandala dots.

Step 1: paint purple varnish onto nails over clear base coat

Step 2: using a wooden skewer dip end into white acrylic paint then press onto nail to form a large central dot

Step 3: using pointy end of skewer dip end into white acrylic paint and form four small dots around central dot

Step 4: add for more dots in between previous dots

Step 5: add four dots N, S, E & W of pattern

Step 6: create two dots in between each N, S, E & W

By now you should have a nice circular pattern of white dots

Step 7: place four more dots N, S, E & W of pattern

Step 8: allow to dry before painting over with clear top coat

(You can choose different colours - colours shown for demo purposes)


Monday, 7 August 2017

Blanky4me Review: we love our blankys!

It started off with one blanky, a large family blanky from Blanky4me.com...  A lovely large red blanky with cheetah print on the underside.  So warm, soft and cuddly.  We'd huddle under the blanky and watch some telly together or read or talk.  Mostly I hogged the blanky because it's so comfortable and big and cozy.

Which then lead to more blankys!!!!

Another read and yellow blanky for one son and a blue and yellow blanky for the other... and we couldn't leave our fluffy white dog out.  He got a dark chocolate blanky with cheetah print underside (that's him - the white furry thing - at the bottom of the photo).


What I love about the blankys is they're well made and don't come apart at the seems, and my boys can be pretty rough with their stuff, plus they can be washed easily.  Not to mention they're personalised blankys and you get to choose your colours (top and bottom), font and text colour.  They make a great gift that will last a long time and can be cherished.

We've had our blankys for a while now and still love them as much as they day we got them.  Mine (the family blanky) pretty much follows me from room to room... as do my boy's blankys (we might be slightly obsessed with our blankys)... and they're still in excellent condition.

If you or your children are blanky lovers, or you've got friends who are or someone with a newborn baby on the way... pop on over to Blanky4me for your personalised blankys.