Wednesday, 24 October 2012

A True Friend

A True Friend ~ by JOLI Natural Skin Care


The Many Uses for Soothing [Eczema] Salve

One the benefits to using JOLI products is that many of them are versatile and offer a range of different uses.  One of our most versatile products is our Soothing Salve [formally Eczema Salve].

Here is a list of all the versatile uses for this one very handy product:

* Eczema, to moisturise the skin and relieve itching and redness.  Eczema is caused by the bodies inability to moisturise itself.  It is very important and worth while to keep skin moisturised with Soothing Salve.

JOLI Soothing Salve for rashes
* Psoriasis, apply to scalp where psoriasis occurs.

* Mozzie and insect bites, quickly eliminates the itchiness and irritation of bites.

* Baby moisturiser, to soothe baby and moisturise skin after bathing, and any time during the day or before bed.

* Dry skin, apply to patches of dry flaky skin, e.g. around the eyes, for instant miosturisation.

JOLI Soothing Salve for exzema
* Sleep (you know that crusty buildup that occurs around eye lashes), apply salve lightly to eye lashes before bedtime to reduce 'sleep'.

* Conjunctivitis (or pink eye) caused by allergies or itching, apply salve to itchy and irritated eye area to relieve the urge to scratch.

* Tattoos, recently had a tattoo done or thinking about getting "ink"?  Soothing Salve can be applied to tattooed area to aid with skin healing and keeping skin moisturised, also stops scabs from itching.

* Baby bottom balm, apply to angry red rash to soothe redness and soreness without any stinging sensation.

* Cradle cap, looking for a natural alternative to cradle cap creams, apply Soothing Salve, specially formulated to be gentle on babies skin.

* After shaving, apply salve to aid in relief of itchy skin and reduce ingrown hairs.

* Burned yourself while cooking, hit your arm on the rim of a hot pot?  Apply Soothing Salve to quickly reduce the sting and redness.

JOLI Soothing Salve for new tattoos

*      *      *
On any given day customers will contact JOLI telling of others uses they've found for this product.  It really is a most versatile, useful product, very handy to have on hand.  We carry our tub with us every where and never leave home without it.

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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

October Gift Box Giveaway!!

 with It's that time of the month again where we are giving YOU a wonderful opportunity to win a gift box full of gorgeous goodies from some wonderful Australian companies.

In this Gift Box you get
Gorgeous petite orange vintage button stud earrings by CreativeMandie,
Two adorable finger puppets by Your Cheeky Monkey,
A pretty yellow and magenta handmade jewellery trinket box (supplied by JOLI),
10.5 x 16.5cm handy note pad and mini extension file note book with pencil (from Artwrap, supplied by JOLI),
Stunning handmade gold and bronze coloured earrings by TTTreasures,
Decadent Fluffy Lime Eye Cream by JOLI Natural Skin Care.

So now you're wanting to know   
 "How do I enter?"

Entering this competition is easy.
Step1: like ALL of the pages of the businesses taking part in this Gift Box giveaway.
Step2: WRITE a message on at least ONE (if not all) of the business Facebook's walls letting them know 
"I am liking your page as part of the October Gift Box giveaway"
[feel free to browse and shop their gorgeous goodies while you're there!!].  
If you're already a liker of any of these pages still leave a comment saying you are already a fan wanting to be part of the October Gift Box giveaway.

The pages and comments will be monitored and names of those who comment will go into the draw.  NOTE: If you do not like ALL of the pages your entry will be null and void.

Winner will be announced November 7th at 6pm on the JOLI Facebook page.

[Open to Australian residents only.]  GOOD LUCK!!!!

Comp starts 12:01pm 29/10/2012 - Ends 12:01pm 7/11/2012


Wednesday, 10 October 2012

No Poo Movement follow-up

[hair after washing with bicarb water mix]

After accepting a personal challenge to try the No Poo Movement (shampoo) just to give my readers the run down on the results...

I'm here to report:

I went without using shampoo for 5 weeks and my hair never stopped constantly looking wet, that's how I'd describe it.  Ironically (or is that strangely) my hair did have more volume and was less flat, less pinned to my head the way it normally is.  Breakouts around the hair line became an issue, on my temples, sideburns, below my ears.  [In truth though I did run out of Facial & Body Wash and my precious skin healing Skin Serum - so this could also be a factor.]

When I was due to attend special occasions I washed my hair with a bicarb water mix - 1 cup of warm water with a tablespoon of bicarb soda - and the results were amazing (see above pic).  My hair was shining and voluminous and soft.  My hair stayed this way for 3-4 days after washing [yes I waited that long in between washes since I wanted to thoroughly test all aspects of this challenge] before gradually going back to the 'wet' look.  The only issue: my hair was also very static the next day and thereafter making brushing interesting.  It was like touching one of those electric static ball thingies.

Now that I'm back to using SLES free shampoo I'm finding my hair is flat and limp again.  My scalp is itchy.  My hair begins to get oily quicker, for e.g: if I wash my hair on Monday night by Tuesday evening my hair is starting to look oily already meaning I have to wash my hair every 2nd day.  The static is taking a while to dissipate and I keep getting these ridiculously knotty knots as the base of my skull which are super fun to try and get out.  Though these are caused not by the shampoo but from wearing collared jackets and scarfs during cold weather.  Now I'm using shampoo again I'm finding the knots worse.

My findings:
  • I don't know if eventually, say after 2 months or more, my hair would stop looking wet without using any shampoo.  I didn't really want to wait that long to find out.
  • Using bicarb soda was quite effective in that my hair stayed clean for a long time and looked shiny and stunning.  The static was an issue though.  Perhaps there are additional substances to be trialed here with varying results.  Will have to work on that...
  • Back to using mainstream shampoo, I've only been doing so for around 1 week and I'm already hating it.  Flat hair... urgh!  Getting oily quickly... don't like!  Itchy scalp... driving me nuts!
Shampoo is NOT a really good product to use on hair.  It can dry out the scalp and it definitely strips hair and scalp of natural healthy oils.

Are you up to the No Poo challenge?  Would you try it yourself and see what results you get?  Have you tried it before?  Feel free to share your comments and remember to tick the reactions boxes so we know you love us.