Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Beautiful Creative Hand Made Products

It has been almost one year since the loss of my beloved step mum Liz.  It's been a hard year dealing with her absence because she was my co-conspirator, my sister in arms, my bosom buddy.   We were often creating and developing and playing around with ingredients, colours and scents. Liz with her soaps and bombs and fabric art and me with my lotions and potions.  We'd often call each other up excitedly saying, "I've been working on something new..." then go into detail about our projects.

Liz was an artisan when it came to creating colours and scents and her products were just so beautiful and vibrant and full of delight.  Indeed I was in awe of her ability to create magical and amazing things!

Visiting with my dad recently, for whom the loss has been unbearable (their bond was like nothing I've ever seen in any relationship before), he bequeathed Liz's stock and creations to me, saying, "Liz would want you to have it and she'd be happy knowing it was being put to good use and not being wasted."

To say it was difficult entering the room where all her creative endeavors took place would be an understatement. Aside from stepping in from time to time, finding it too painful and quickly leaving again, neither my dad nor I have been in her workshop since she passed.  Being in her space this time... I half expect her to be in there going through all her magical creations, sharing with me her latest designs.  I broke down reading her notes and seeing all her tags and products half finished, things she never got to complete; feeling like it's so unfair that someone so talented was lost so soon.  It almost felt like blasphemy being in there packing up her things.  On a positive note my place now smells like her, Liz was the Queen of Fragrance, and I'm finding that wonderful; kind of makes me feel closer to her.

Now I have a collection of bath bombs and bubble cupcakes Liz was working on (amazingly I began working on the same thing without knowing Liz had also been creating these items as well - two great minds - and we never got the chance to share our creations with each other).

As an ode to Liz I will be showcasing her goodies on the JOLI Natural Skin Care website where you will have the opportunity to purchase her gorgeous creations.

Bubble Cupcakes
Bath Bombs
Marshmallow Bombs

Note: while Liz was very good at keeping notes (tags) of what she made, the scents, what ingredients are in each product... I was unable to find which tag went with which product and do not have that information to hand ... so your guess is as good as mine.

The good news is you can bet your bottom dollar the products will be as sublime as they look!!!

Note also: that there is limited stock and once each product is sold out that will be the last of them because I have no way of replicating her amazing creations.

As JOLI always says... Enjoy!