Tuesday, 28 October 2014

November Gift Box Competition

JOLI are giving away another one of their famous Gift Boxes. In this box you get a stack of really awesome products:
  • A box of Naturally Good Gluten FREE Munchy Muesli COOKIES.
  • A stunning black and pearlescent necklace with matching earrings.
  • A gorgeous embroidered quality face washer with cute sea creatures - from Your Cheeky Monkey.
  • A beautiful red, white and black notebook with a blue pen.
  • Pure Olive Oil Soap Bar ~ Charcoal & Poppy - made by JOLI and great for use in the kitchen and after gardening.
  • A 220g block of Cadbury Diary Milk Fairtrade chocolate.
  • A box of Higher Living organic green chai tea - 20 tea bags.
  • A useful travel size nail file and cuticle stick.
  • A box or Oriental Garden notecards - 15 cards and envelopes. 2 cards are decorated, the others are blank for your own decoration. Comes in a gorgeous silver keepsake tin box.
To win this really awesome prize we're asking you to submit really awesome pics of you and your JOLI product(s). Actually you don't have to be in the picture. The most creative photo will win, with runners up receiving gift vouchers.

Winners will be chosen by JOLI and the team and notified by email - with a mention on FB, Indulgence and our website.

The competition will be held on the JOLI website. Pop over for entry details and conditions.

 joli natural skin care gift box

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Natural like The Body Shop?

Often when I tell people what it is I do for a living I'll get comments like, "Oh like The Body Shop" or reference to some other faux 'natural' company.

Well, no, not like The Body Shop actually.  They use iffy ingredients in many of their products where as I make natural skin care, emphasis on natural.

I have a 250g tub of Bath Milk by The Body Shop in my possession, purchased way back in the day before I knew anything about harmful ingredients in skin care.

Here are the ingredients:
Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Carbonate, Titanium Dioxide, Sodium Dodecylbenzenesulponate (a surfactant), Fragrance, Whey Protein, Silica, Oat Flour, Avocado Oil.

Nothing in this product is particularly bad, except perhaps the surfactant and fragrance, yet I do ponder what is in it to keep the avocado oil from going rancid.  In fact, the entire product is a fine white powder (no avocado oil to be seen).  The fragrance is overpowering (smells like soap) and I've had it for over 10+ years and it hasn't gone off (I'm always curious why?).

It was very drying on the skin and not a particularly pleasant or indulgent product to use - hence why I never used it much and still have a nearly full product.  Why do I still have it?  Well I feel funny throwing out something I've hardly used, like it's a waste.  Ironically it came in handy to write about here, years later.

Compare this product to JOLI's Heavenly Bath Milk which contains coconut milk powder, epsom salts and a heavenly blend of essential oils, this IS a pleasant and indulgent product to use (read the feedback on the JOLI website and you'll see), just like our other bath milks and bath salts range.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

DIY Italian Herb Mix

When it comes to Italian herb mixes, Italian ready made pasta sauces... well pretty much anything Italian from the supermarket I tend to taste them and find them lacking in the rich aromatic flavours I'm use to. In fact I never (well rarely) cook with store brought pasta sauces because I think they all taste too sweet with some herb that tastes funny.

Aside from my picky tastes and preferences for making my own sauces from scratch I love making my own Italian herb mix... and I'm going to share my secret recipe with you today.

I grow a lot of herbs in my garden and my self seeding Italian parsley is pretty much taken over! I often grab bagfuls of herbs, dry them out (hanging in paper bags in the laundry) and keep them for when they're needed.
JOLI - a blend of Italian herbs

My standard recipe is:
Italian (or regular) parsley
Lavender leaves (yes lavender - it adds a sweetness to the blend)
Fennel (the leaves not stems)

Sometimes I add basil if I've got it (it's one of those plants I can't grow), a sprinkle of fennel and parsley seeds. I also have my own bay leaf tree and add a couple of bay leaves to dishes.

For my Italian herb mix I don't fuss around with how much parsley should go with oregano with basil etc, I simply grab handful of each herb, grind them up and mix them together. Then I funnel the mix into a decorative glass bottle and keep in near the stove for use in almost every dish (aside from Asian dishes).

Let me know how you find this herb mix added to your next dish. Hopefully you love it just as much as the JOLI household does.

P.S. Another thing I like to make is fennel salt. Grab equal parts fennel seed and rock salt. Place in a mortar and pestle and pound together. Store in an air tight jar.

JOLI - herbs funneled into decorative bottle