Monday, 2 September 2013

Body Image Guest Blog ~ You're Too Skinny

'You need to eat more, you're so skinny, I wish I was tiny like you and, you can have some of my fat' These are comments I hear on a daily basis. Exhausting just reading them is it not?
Crohns Disease is my daily affliction, it does not matter how much I eat. I am aware that I am anorexic. I wish I was at a healthy weight. And, sure cast  your extra weight my way, I would most definitely welcome it! 
These utterances  do not upset me as much as the actual glares and stares. I have heard larger ladies often speak  of the 'looks' they receive, tinier ladies also receive them, and they are just as injurious to our self esteem. The remarks and looks of disgust take an emotional toll on a person after a period of time. SO much so,  that for myself, I was agoraphobic for 4 LONG years. I did not want to egress from my home. I felt disgust and compunction at my body and the glares would  only confirm the hateful feelings and thoughts I was having towards my body and self. 
If a person is underweight or overweight, I think we should want to uplift them, mawkish them if you will! 
I am underweight, this does not mean I hate food (in fact, I love food with a passion), it does not mean that I do drugs (which is one of my personal favourite surmises) nor, does it mean I have a mental disorder. It simply means I have a disease,  one that I have little to no sovereignty over.  I am still the same person on the interior, even if my exterior looks as though I have an eating disorder!
I am thankful  for my disease (most days), it has made me a stronger person, made me 'slow down' what was a fast paced life, and really internalise and think about what is favourable for myself. 
I think you will find most people with a weight issue have a genuine underlying medical condition and cannot control their weight and mentally torture themselves enough, that it is not warranted or needed by others surrounding them. 
If someone is overweight or underweight, does it really matter? Does it affect your life? Is it your place to look on in disgust and an invitation for you to make judgements? No, it most definitely is not.
Just like an overweight individual might feel disgust with themselves, so do tinier people. A simple smile, or kind word, can change that persons day, from one of despair and utter hatred towards themselves, into making them believe in themselves and that it is going to be a magical day. 
Remember, everyone is beautiful, and true beauty runs much deeper than any external appearance.
~  Amanda Williamson

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