Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Celebrity Sellout

I adore Kate Blanchett, admire Nicole Kidman, believe Julia Roberts is a great actress and have a great deal of respect for a great many actresses. However sadly these actresses, and more, sellout for money.

What do they all have in common?
They promote corporate brands of perfume, skin care and other personal care items. Jennifer Aniston is at least attempting to promote a clean brand of skin care (Aveeno) yet, unbeknownst to many, falls short since Aveeno are not as 'natural' or as healthy for us as they claim.

What is so wrong about promoting these brands/products? 
These brands/products contain ingredients that are deemed hazardous to our health, such as ingredients that are carcinogens (chemicals that cause cancer), endocrine-disrupting (hormones), and cause contact sensitivity and skin irritation, to name but a few problems. There are literally thousands of ingredients used in mainstream personal care/beauty products that do a great deal of damage to the human body and sadly these actresses are promoting these products.

In a time when cancer rates are high and rising (1 in 2 Americans will get cancer) and the Anti Cancer Foundation is launching it's Biggest Morning Tea (something JOLI do not endorse and here is why), these celebrity endorsements do us all a disservice because they inspire vast amounts of people to purchase products that are harmful to humans, animals and the earth.

Not to mention these companies test on animals as well, which is not something any good actress should support or endorse.

What can YOU do about it?
Don't buy into the hype. Just because the beautiful and talented Kate Blanchett says she's uses a hazardous product doesn't mean you should join her and put your health at risk.
* Don't buy into the Biggest Morning Tea if you're still using mainstream products like fly spray, hair spray, hair dyes, perfume, bleach, germ killing liquids and soaps, non mineral makeups etc etc. Sadly there is no point raising money to cure cancer while you're still using products that cause it.
* Don't support brands that are not willing to ditch chemicals that are causing a great deal of ill health for many. There is a movement called the Cosmetics Safety Act where people are campaigning for companies to ditch the chemicals in their products. JOLI Natural Skin Care are on the list of Campaign For Safe Cosmetics Compact Singers. Notice non of the big brand names have signed.

What other things can be done? I'd love to hear your views.


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