Tuesday, 29 January 2013

What do your wrinkles say about you?

Does your face have lots of smile lines?  Serious frown lines?  Furrows from your nose down to your mouth?  Pursed lines around your mouth?  Lines wiggling across your forehead (a trait I share with actor Matt Dillon)?  Every face tells a story…
fine lines around the eye area

When I was a teenager I saw an elderly lady who had serious frown lines and looked like she’d been angry and frowning just about all her life (must be a mother... lol).  Another elderly lady’s face broke into a web of happy lines when she smiled.

At the time I was thinking I’d like to end up like the second lady, though it’s far more likely I’ll end up like the first.  I am constantly frowning: when my computer plays up, when I’m vacuuming and the curtains get sucked up into the vacuum, when my children aren't doing as I ask, when the sun is in my eyes, when I’m concentrating - and I concentrate a LOT!  What do my wrinkles say about me??

Whatever story your face tells it is inevitable the story will be written on your face in a network of lines that will become more prominent as you age.  The aim of the game is NOT to stop aging altogether, since we all know this is impossible.   The aim of the game is to tell the story as gracefully as YOU can.

Gorgeous products such as Rich Cream and Whipped Cream Moisturiser, Skin Serum and Light Moisturiser will help soften the furrows, keep your skin supple and stop your skin from drying out – one of the MAIN cause of premature ageing.  The more hydrated you keep your skin (by drinking plenty of water and applying hydrating creams) the more likely your skin will continue to spring back.  The longer you keep your skin hydrated over the years the longer you ward off those serious wrinkles, you know... the ones that make you look a little older than you really are.

Another thing to do to help, though you might find this a little kooky, is smile when ever you feel yourself frowning.  Not a big cheesy grin where all the crows feet come out to play.  Just a slight smile on your mouth to help remove the furrow on your brows.  You will notice It is almost impossible to smile and frown at the same time.  Try it :-)

I've heard of some women going to great lengths never to pull any serious facial expressions and to never show any serious emotions to ward off wrinkles.  Though I can't imagine what character building this would show on their faces?  I've heard of people sleeping on satin pillows because this reduces creases on our faces while we sleep.

What tactics do you employ to reduce lines on your face (aside from using JOLI’s gorgeous products of course)?


Thursday, 17 January 2013

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