Wednesday, 27 February 2013

What Does Your Body Say About You?

Our bodies are the only vessels we'll have for the duration of our lives.  We're stuck with them weather we like it or not and amazingly enough: A study showed that women experience an average of 13 negative thoughts about their body each day, while 97% of women admit to having at least one “I hate my body” moment each day. 
*stats courtesy of Rader Programs

Michelle Pfeiffer once said 'Sometimes I look in the mirror and think I look like a dog.'

I've never really counted how many negative thoughts I have a day however I'm sure that I have at least one bad thought a day.  In fact I had one just a moment ago about going out tonight and not liking my stomach.  Feeling really bloated and nothing I wear hides it and now I'm going to have to spend the night remembering to suck in my stomach.
Challenge to self: record how many negative thoughts I have in one day and report back.

Some people say  it's the only body you've got, you may as well accept it.  Don't spend your life looking on the bad side or only seeing the faults and flaws, there is more to life than looks, beauty is on the inside, it's who you are not how you look.

I can appreciate that and yet, for myself, I want my body to say I've lived a relatively healthy life.  I've looked after myself equally both inside and out, and even spiritually.  That is what I want; not necessarily what my body says about me.  It is one of the reasons I suffer through the torturous feelings of lack of motivation to exercise.  Ok, so I don't exercise every day or even every week.  I try for three times a week though some times it works out to be 6 times a month.  Sometimes stopping for periods at a time for example: over the Christmas break or during my period.  And I hate how I feel about myself when I don't exercise as often as I should.  As I age and want to exercise less and less, as in I have less desire to exercise - though in reality I need to exercise more and more since my metabolism is slowing down and I don't burn calories as fast as I use to.  It's important to me to make an attempt to keep going so that I can look as though I've, at least, tried to keep healthy and fit later in life.

Aside from that, slathering on the moisturisers, keeping the legs moisturised, warding off cracked heels, dry elbows and hands etc etc. is also about having a body that sends the message that I've looked after it as best I can.  It is the only body I'll have and I may as well be nice to it and treat it well.

Blake from  Wellbeing by Blake posted this article on the subject: How to figure out what you want out of life

What would you like your body to say about you?  Does it already say what you want it to say?

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Fashion Beauty Comp.

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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The Truth About Kills 99% of Germs

If I say words like triclosan, triclocarban and triethanolamine [TEA or TEOA] are you familiar with them?  Have you heard of them before?  Do you know what they do?

Ttriclosan, triclocarban and triethanolamine are ingredients you'll find in antibacterial products that claim to kill 99% of germs.  They are in germ killing liquid soaps, hand sanitizer lotions and the like.  Go NOW and check your germ killing products to see if these ingredients are in them!
Aside from being harmful / hazardous chemicals to begin with... these, and other, germ killing agents annihilate your bodies own defense mechanisms. 

Each person has their own germ killing agents all over their body and particularly on their hands.  What your own natural germ killing agents do is stop things like flu and cold germs (and other viruses) invading your body.  They fight invisible battles on your behalf to stop you getting sick.  It is the same for your children, babies, husband, wife, mother, son... everyone!

When you use products that kill 99% of germs you are also killing off your bodies own natural defense mechanism (your minature knights in shining armour if you will) which leaves you and your family OPEN to virus invasion.  You are more likely to get sick if you use products that kill 99% of germs than you are if you use plain soap and water and allow your body to build up it's own defense mechanisms.

This is where the super-bug stems from.  Man has created so many germ killing agents that germs are continually mutating to avoid being killed off.  Germs are very adaptable like that.  They want to live as so they change and alter themselves so they can live through doses of 99% germ killing agents.  The thing is: Your own natural germs die once they come in contact with these ingredients!  Leaving you defenseless against the onslaught of germs.

KEEP this in mind when reaching for the Detol, Pine O Cleen, Hand Sanitizer, Palmolive Antibacterial Defence Liquid, other antibacterial hand washes, germ killing wipes and ALL THOSE other products that claim to "Kill 99% of germs".

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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Basal-cell Carcinoma

Usually I don't write a lot about cancer even though it is one of the main reasons behind the creation of JOLI Natural Skin Care (avoiding carcinogenic ingredients).  However, three people I know have recently had surgery to remove basal-cell carcinoma (skin cancer).

This got me wondering what is basal-cell carcinoma [BCC]?

Basal-cell carcinoma is one of the most common forms of cancer and most often occurs in fair skinned people with a family history of this type of cancer.  Scary for me since both my Aunt and my mum (sisters with fair skin and freckles), have had BCC's removed.

Most experts attribute sun exposure and/or getting sun burnt to be one of the main causes of skin cancer and believe prevention is the best cure.  That is: no getting burnt, no spending excess time exposing your skin to the sun and using SPF sun creams [slip, slop, slap].

I, personally tend to be wary of the use of sunscreens since many contain carcinogenic ingredients and nano technology to help those ingredients get deeper into our blood stream.  I feel like I'm damned if I do damned if I don't.  And what do I do with my children?  Use sun block on them and risk them getting cancer or don't use it and risk them getting basal-cell carcinoma?  Urgh!

Here is an article Safest Sunscreens Recommended by Environmental Working Group you might like to read.  It talks about the reasons why some sunscreens are a bit dubious and mentions some of the good guys.

Note some interesting Skin Cancer Facts:
* 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer during their life time.
* 2-4% of Asians will develop skin cancer.
* 1-2% African Americans will develop skin cancer (note the darker the skin the less likelihood of developing skin cancer)
* While Asians and African's do not develop skin cancer as often as fair skinned people their cancer is more likely to result in death.  [This probably has a lot to do with their health care (or lack thereof) in general.]

*  *  *

Have you or someone you know experienced basal-cell carcinoma?  Was fair skin a factor?  Was sun worship a factor?  Was applying sun cream or lack thereof a factor?

Would love to hear more from you all about this.