Monday, 14 December 2015

Change Your Period to Align With The Moon

This is way off topic to anything JOLI related however, it does fit in with the naturalness of life and being true to our self.

I've just finished reading a book called The Red Tent. It is about a tent the ladies go into when they're menstruating yet it is more than that. The content of the book is also about how women dealt with TOM (that 'time of the month'), what it meant in the eyes of society and what women got up to during that time. Primarily bonding, sharing life stories and passing on knowledge and family history down to the generations of women who joined them in The Red Tent.

Women having their period was seen as an amazing thing. They were revered for bleeding and not dying and for being able to bring forth life of not just females but also males. This was considered an important time of renewal in the cycle of life, and girls were pleased to reach womanhood and be able to bare children (for those that could). Though giving birth was perilous and deadly, which made it even more amazing that women could do this and survive.

One interesting point in the book is that ALL womens' period cycles lined up with the moon. They ovulated during full moon and menstruated during new moon (again fitting in with renewal and the cycle of the earth and tide). And they only bled for 3 days.

This would have been due to women being more in tune and aligned with nature back before life became about materialism and wealth and we started hiding away in dwellings surrounded by artificial light. We rarely see the moon or know it's cycle these days let alone being in tune with it.

I can't help but wonder if this misalignment plays a part in the premenstrual symptoms us ladies suffer throughout our menstruation years. According to metaphysics these symptoms stem from the sufferers inability to embrace their femaleness and womanly rites. This made me wonder if symptoms women get, such as sore breasts and cramping, during some periods stem from the fact that our bodies are out of alignment will the moon. Considering that I don't always have sore breasts and have never figured out why they're sore sometimes and not sore at other times, I'm wondering if, for example, my sore breasts are caused by my period being due during a full moon, at a time I should be ovulating?

So I'm going to try and test this theory by attempting to line my period up with the tides and the moon. My first step will be to spend time outside each night concentrating on the moon (if and when I can see it), to help me know when the moon is waxing and waning, to help me know at what stage my cycle should be at. It's perhaps a big ask and something that I may not have the know-how to achieve. Still, I shall give it a go and see how things pan out and of course I shall post updates and let you know how this experiment goes.