Wednesday, 5 September 2018

I Don't Have A Green Thumb part 2

In part one of I Don't Have A Green Thumb I touched on how nature has their own way of flourishing - with some useful How To Be A Green Thumb tips.  In this blog I'll focus on

~ Follow Nature

Nature is good at regulating itself and a good thing to follow and pay attention to.

If it rains outside water your indoor plants, they'd be getting a drink if they were outside in their natural environment.

If it rains for more than one day give your plants more water, but not too much.  A good water on day one (generally around half a cupful of water for medium plants, depending on plant and pot size), lessening the amount each day depending on how big your plant pot is.

~ Heat Waves

If you had a really hot day where you've just about died of heat exhaustion and sat around all day because it was hot to move it's a good idea to give yourself and your plants a drink.

None of us can survive without water!

When watering your plants outside, use water you've collected from those rainy days in containers around the garden and from rinsing dishes.  This saves on having to use water from the tap and is also a great way to use up those containers that gather water (and mozzie larvae). 

P.S. dogs like to drink rain water so you're also looking after your pets.

~ More Needy

Concentrate on newly planted plants and those looking like they're keeling over.  Good healthy looking plants can be ignored, up to a point.

Well established plants can generally go without water for up to 3-7 days without your watering them - or never in some cases.  Generally well established plants are good at finding water sources themselves and don' necessarily need your help.

NOTE: If a plant died or is dying this means it's time to plant a new and different plant there: one that can thrive there, whereas the other one wasn't suited to that spot.

healthy garden


Thursday, 23 August 2018

Me and bread, we're not friends.

Meaning I'm not friends with bread; I cannot bake it to save myself.

The closest I've come is beer bread, though that's a crumbly moist bread and hard to make slices out of .

Other breads I try come out hard as rock and for all my life I've never been able to leave anything to rise.  Nothing has ever risen for me.  I've tried different yeasts and different temperatures of water and different ovens and different cool places to rise.  Nothing.

I've followed recipes and asked those who can bake how they do it and I still can't get a nice plump, fluffy loaf of bread.

How about you?  Do you have a fool proof bread recipe?

Beer bread with olives and 3 dips

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

How to tell if an email is a scam

How to tell if an email is a scam [con, trick]?


"The operative word being SEARCH!"

There are still many people who fall for scams, cons and tricks?  We know this because the scam artists keep on coming.  They wouldn't do it if it didn't work.

Here are some basic helpful tips on what to look out for.

1) Does the email return address match the company/who they say they are?

The following email claims to be from Dr Nicolas Dean while the email address says Wilson Stevens @ hotmail (a doctor wouldn't use a hotmail address??).

2) Do the links in the message match the sender's details when you hover over the link?

3) Do your research before engaging in any type of interaction.

If you search 'bridal party scam' (see below) you'll find other people have similar stories to tell.  The operative word being SEARCH!

4) Be logical, think about it, ask yourself questions.

Referring to the above email:

a) How many grooms book 'surprise bridal parties'?
b) How many genuine people would book via an email?  They'd call to get answers straight away.
c) How many would know what type of treatments you offer, let alone how long these procedures take?

Note: the above email is a scam and the second time I've received a similar email (same details different people). How it works is they ask for a price, over pay you then ask for a refund of over payment (or cancellation).  You pay and their payment bounces.  Be savvy!

5) Do they give a business name or website?  Doe they have an ABN?  Is their business name registered?  Do they have reviews?

The following email claims to be from Pragya, an online marketing consultant, who works for a 'company' with over 130 designers.  Yet they give no company name or link to a bonafide website, with an aol email (instead of a company email address).

Even if they have a website check for other details (listed above).

6) Should the company emailing you know your name? Do they know who you are or do they use generic Dear Sir/Madam?

The following email is supposedly from Facebook (which it is NOT).  Facebook would know my name, and they would not have such a bogus email address, nor a link that does not link back to Facebook.  Fake Fake Fake!!!

Note: Some companies may not be a con or scam per se, thought they spam your email without your permission, which is against the law.

Spam emails can be reported to: 

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Pure Ravishing Skin Serum - ALERT! BEWARE! WARNING!

This scam has recently come to my attention via emails I've been getting from the general public wanting JOLI to cancel their subscription and credit card payments.

At first I thought these emails were a trick themselves because JOLI don't take credit card payments, don't keep credit card details and don't hold people to subscriptions (we have subscriptions that the public can cancel themselves at anytime).  Also the people contacting me are not customers who've placed an order or subscribed to JOLI.

Then I received a letter in the mail, followed by a phone call and all became clear - once I'd put my PI hat on and did some investigative reporting.

Turns out there is a scam in play.  If you search for Pure Ravishing Skin Serum you will get loads of websites coming up offering you a TRIAL of the stuff.  Websites like Australia supplements, pure ravishing skin, supplements reviews, Australia fitness, online health markets, skin care beauty shop... along with adds on Facebook.  All boldly telling you RUSH MY TRIAL! and all the sites looking remarkably similar (see below exhibit A)... and ALL of them leave you with no way of actually contacting the 'company' offering the product.

The following image for Pure Ravishing Skin Serum, exhibit B, shows how the add appears on all sites...

But BEWARE!  They also 'sell' products under other names such as: Jouliage Serum & JoliQue - with the same image and RUSH MY TRIAL!  Enter exhibit C.

This scam has been linked to Delta Goodrem who's image they used with a link, leading people to believe the product is a genuine product made or endorsed by Delta.  Delta has since put the word out telling people it is a scam, to beware and NOT to click the link.  They use celebrities from different countries in this way to promote their scam.

The attached article outlines How it Works in a more comprehensive way (note the same imagery and details).  People sign up and receive a FREE sample and pay only $4.95 postage, they give their credit card details for postage payment, they are then billed monthly to the tune of $130-180 per month (because that's how much the serum sells for) - and you only have 14 days to cancel your trial from date of signup.  However, there is no company for you to contact to cancel your subscription!!!!

Now this scam is smearing my good name by saying the company selling the product is Joli Skin.

According to the details I've been able to gather: once you've clicked on the link and singed up an email is sent with  details such as: and there is a number to call where you get a help desk: 08 6117 3841.

If you send an email to the above address you get a response saying:

Thank you for contacting Customer Support.

*In order to cancel the account, please confirm ALL the following primary information on file below:*

Shipping Address
First and Last Name
Contact Phone Number
The last 4 digits on your Credit Card used.*

Thank you,
Joli Skin Customer Support

How would you rate my reply?
Great    Okay    Not Good

Contact Us
(Australia)        (AU) 1161-3906-89917
(New Zealand) (NZ) 1164-688-06440 
(Ireland)           (IRE) 11353-1890-810855 
(Toll Free)        (US)  833 501-4632

Other information gathered from emails sent to customers by this 'company' are:

EPURCHASEBSRGN. COM INTERNET Ref-071001236402 $4.95 and CQCHELPDESK. COM ITERETRef -  071001247977 $4.94 for postage of Pure Ravishing Skin face cream and
Joli skin serum.

... purchase will appear as "" on your
> credit card statement.
> Questions?
> Contact us at +61 8 6117 3841 or 

Shipments are sent from Fulfillment House, PO Box 4008.  As far as I can tell Fulfillment House is a distribution warehouse (kind of like Australia Post or FedEx), and they distribute products for other companies in a way that is difficult to trace back to the original sender.

There is little information to be gathered from these sources and the company in question is practically untraceable (hence why people are coming to JOLI Natural Skin Care for answers) and the payments pratically unstoppable.

Also: people are having adverse reactions to the cream this 'company' is sending out!


1) Do not fall for this scam off of a FREE trial and do not click on links!

2) Research a company/product first and look for reviews and an official website/contact details.

3) JOLI Natural Skin Care having nothing to do with this scam.

4) I have reported the scam details to authorities and hopefully something can be done about this.

5) If you have fallen for this scam already, CANCEL YOUR CREDIT CARD, and get a new one - because once they have your details they are HARD* to get a hold of.

*People are coming to me for answers which tells me people have been unable to locate, find or contact the company in question.

PLEASE HELP me spread the word by sharing this article and my YouTube Video with others on all manner of social media.  Let's shut these criminals down!

*      *      *

This has been an investigative report by JOLI Natural Skin Care - a legitimate Australian skin care company.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Flu Shots: Yes or No?

Before I start I need to point out this is conjecture, supposition, theorizing.  I'm not an expert on the subject and I have no data to back up any claims.  I'm simply going to share some thoughts and examples and let you ponder what is said.

I've always been suspicious of flu shots, I tell you that straight up.  Well not so much suspicious but dubious.  Dubious about us not being strong enough to ward off viruses.  Considering we've been able to overcome illness naturally and this is what has made humans stronger genetically.  Why is it suddenly we NEED flu shots?  [I think #2 is a major reason why companies push flu shots]

1) We're told taking antibiotics makes strains more resistant and our bodies less able to fight off viruses - thus making super bugs.  Therefore wouldn't it stand to reason that letting our bodies get the virus and fight it off naturally, strengthens us?

2) We've become a nation of workaholics and heaven forbid anyone should take more than a day or two off.  "Sick?  Here's some antibiotics to help you get back to work in one or two days instead of taking a week off to fight the virus and actually rest before returning to work."

3) Last year there was a flu epidemic.  Hundreds of people caught the flu, including my children and I, and it was really, really bad.  Some people lost their lives.  This made those that 'sell' flu shots tell us how important it is to get your flu shots... However, what if people taking flu shots every year is what is causing the flu strains to become so much more virulent?  What if the common flu is becoming so virulent because of the flu shots and this will end up causing a Super Flu that wipes out a vast many of us?

4) Flu shots cost money so somewhere along the line someone is pocketing big $$$$ on us getting sick, or in this case trying NOT to get sick.  Big pharma are making a killing off our fear of getting sick, which, ironically, is the very thing that causes our genetics to become stronger. 

5) Genetically, living in close proximity to each other and animals has made the European bloodline strong (and many Australians are of European decent).  When Europeans first came to Australia and America it was our germ strains that wiped out a vast many First Nations people, because they'd never come into contact with the vast majority of bugs we picked up from living alongside animals and live stock.
In fact each culture/country has built up it's own superior abilities to combat prevalent illnesses.  For example Africans are more likely to have sickle cell which helps stop them getting malaria, we go to Africa and die from something that doesn't kill them as readily as it kills us.
Australian Aboriginals have other genetic strengths handed down from generation to generation that we (new comers) don't have.
The point is getting sick makes us stronger!

NOTE: One could argue that the flu shots still make us sick and therefore make us stronger... however, I'm still debating that it could actually be making things worse (see point #3).  Keep in mind flu shots are synthetic man made substances with all manner of dubious ingredients... vs catching a natural virus.

6) Beware bad reactions.  Have you spoken to people who've had bad reactions to flu shots?  I have and some of the things that have happened to people is quite shocking (though rare), and most likely wouldn't have happened if they'd just caught the flu regularly.
  • One person was vomiting for days, so much so they had to go on medicine to stop the purging.
  • One person fainted at the place where the flu shot happened and was out for 10mins.
  • Seizures.
7) Flu shot aren't nearly as necessary as vaccines such as polio and measles.  The flu is not a major public health threat (... yet... see point #3).  We can fight and get over the flu naturally!!!!

Experts might state stats about how flu shots help a vast many especially those not in positions to fight the flu: elderly, children etc.  That being said, those who are strong and able to fight the flu should be able to go through the process safely and come out stronger.  Don't you think?

There might be stats that show that flu shots are making some of us stronger while those not taking flu shots could be less likely to be able to fight off some Super Flu bug if it comes.  To me the whole thing smacks of Big Business and intervening with nature just so people won't take time off work.

What are your thoughts?  I would love to hear from you!

Monday, 25 June 2018

10 Things You Can Do to Feel Fabulous!

Quite often we wait for some special event, party or outing to doll ourselves up and feel a little bit special.  I say; don't wait for that special event do it now, just because you want to and it makes you feel good.  Do it just for fun, when you're vacuuming, doing dishes, visiting a friend, going for coffee, reading a book...

1) Wear that lipstick. 

2) Put on those shoes.

3) Wear that favourite dress / outfit.

4) Put a flower in your hair.

5) Do that fancy hair-do.

6) Paint your nails.

7) Wear that nice bra and nickers.

8) Decorate yourself with a scarf, necklace, bangle, earrings...

9) Dance to your favourite song.

10) Cook that fabulous meal.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

DIY Natural Hair Spray

This guest post is by Jodie Wakefield who lives in Perth with her husband, two children and dog and is passionate about creating a low-environmental-impact life.  

I stumbled into my passion for all things eco-friendly from an initial interest in improving the health of my children.  Having suffered with exhaustion, poor gut health and innumerable food intolerances myself, I was determined to steer my son in a different direction when he began displaying similar symptoms.  (Insert hours spent on webinars, reading books and blogs; too many naturopath appointments to count and a pantry newly stocked with organic, crazy-sounding ingredients.)  Despite absolute commitment, no improvements to health were enjoyed until I began eliminating environmental toxins from the home – the final piece of the puzzle.  From this, the whole family began to reap the rewards of better health, restorative sleep and reduced allergy symptoms.

And I have not looked back!  My house is now cleaned with tox-free products, the family enjoys a diet crammed with wholefoods, beauty routines have been simplified, and many, many hours saved with this lifestyle change.  

With new-found energy I am currently directing my attention toward environmental issues and tackling the ‘war on plastic’ with vigour.  You can follow me via facebook ( and my blog ( where I share information (successes and failures) and welcome collaboration for all things sustainable.

Looking for a DIY hairspray that is tox-free, easy to make, works like a charm, brushes out, saves money and time when compared to store-bought items and gives you an excuse to keep vodka handy?  Yes please!

Here is my DIY hairspray recipe which I have fine-tuned over several years of use:


  • In a saucepan, bring to the boil 2 to 3 roughly chopped lemons in just enough water to cover them.  Optional: add sprigs of rosemary* for the essential oil benefits. 
  • Once boiling, reduce heat to minimum and simmer for 15mins. The water quantity will reduce significantly. 
  • Leave to cool in the pan.
  • Add 1tbs of vodka. (This helps reduce frizz and delays the natural urge for your hairspray to grow bacteria: see below for storage). 
  • Strain the liquid into spray bottles and store in the fridge.

STORAGE: Because the hairspray is made with real lemon juice, it is best kept in the fridge for freshness and will then last months.  You may wish to fill two small bottles and keep one in the freezer until you’ve used up the first bottle.
APPLICATION TIPS: The hairspray has a strong hold (more lemons = stronger hold) and will dampen hair on application.  Best results are achieved by blow-drying / straightening/ curling the hair after applying the hairspray and then a very light spritz once styled.

FINAL STEP: Be gorgeous!

*NOTE by JOLI: stinging nettle can also be added for it's health benefits on hair. Rosemary encourages hair growth and helps restore colour (plus it smells nice).  Nettle also helps with falling hair and dandruff.

DIY natural hair spray at work

Thursday, 17 May 2018

The Many Faces of JOLI

I wanted to write this blog to show you that there is so much more to JOLI (aka me) than natural skin care.  While natural skin care is a big part of my world, living naturally in many other aspects is also important to me (and for my family).  Like all people I am multifaceted and have numerous talents, in fact I could say I'm a veritable Martha Stewart of the natural world. 

When I'm not making natural skin care I'm making hot chilli sauce.

When I'm not making hot chilli sauce I'm growing my own produce.

When I'm not growing my own produce I'm making home made snacks.

When I'm not making home made snacks I'm preserving foods.

When I'm not preserving foods I'm cooking wholesome meals for my family.

When I'm not cooking wholesome meals for my family I'm singing.

When I'm not singing I'm teaching my children to cook.

When I'm not teaching my children to cook I'm growing my own herbal teas.

When I'm not growing my own herbal teas I'm making a home for my birds.

When I'm not making a home for my birds I'm making art.

When I'm not making art I'm being a good mother.

When I'm not being a good mother I'm making DIY videos.

When I'm not making DIY videos I'm educating people about chemicals in skin care.

When I'm not educating people about chemicals I'm playing Queen of The Nile.

When I'm not playing Queen of The Nile I'm struggling.

When I'm not struggling I'm having a breakout.

When I'm not having a breakout I'm dancing.

When I'm not dancing I'm colouring in with my children.

When I'm not colouring in with my children I'm living naturally.