Wednesday, 28 May 2014

How To Deal With Burns Naturally

Any chefs out there?  Mums and dads who like/love to cook?  Or those who don't really like cooking yet do so because eating/feeding the family is a bare necessity?  Or maybe you like your simple ready-made-just-stick-in-the-oven type meals?

burn to forearm from touching hot metal

Either way I'm sure majority, if not all people, have burned themselves while cooking at some point in their lives - maybe even do it often (I do!).

We've all heard of the standard remedies; run cold water on the burn, apply butter, don't apply butter...

What works and what doesn't?

Soothing Salve

Soothing Salve works and the relief is almost instant.  Just dab a small amount on the burn straight away (or as soon as you can) for that soothing relief.  If the burn starts to sting again later on in the day apply another dab of Soothing Slave - you don't need much.  Continue to apply some salve whenever the burn stings.   Though in many cases one application is enough to soothe from the get go.

When your burn gets to the stage where it's healing and is becoming itchy this is the time to apply Skin Serum with it's skin healing, regenerative properties.  Itching is a sign the skin is scabbing over and doing it's own healing and repair, however, applying Skin Serum minimises scaring and stops the itch, while the essential oils in the serum aid with skin regeneration so your wound heals faster.

Any questions?  We're happy to help.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Digging Deeper into the Real Beauty Campaign

You might have heard about the Dove Real Beauty Real Women campaign.  I was reading an article about the campaign which I shared on our Facebook page, and it talked about:

1. How the models are still heavily photoshopped.  In fact the photographer goes on to say that due to their imperfections they required more photoshopping than usual.

2. How the campaign increased Dove sales by 700%.

3. How the beauty industry is based on making women feel bad about their hair, their body, their clothes, their feet, their hands, their looks, their wrinkles, their weight, their cellulite and scars etc etc etc.

From someone who works in the beauty industry I dislike the idea of being all about making women feel bad about their appearance.  I've struggled enough with my own self image without wishing that struggle upon other women and I'm not in this industry to change how you look because you're not good enough, I'm in it to help you keep your assets in the best condition you possibly can.  [Mind you I've always wondered where that dislike of ones self stems from: the media, peers, upbringing, nature, nurture?]

~ Tailoring our natural skin care to your needs because no two people are alike ~

For me JOLI is not about changing who you are because you're not good enough.  JOLI is about embracing your awesome qualities and making the most of them.  It doesn't matter if you're big, little, older or younger.  There are things about you - good hands, good feet, great legs, nice boobs, pretty eyes, nice lips - that are awesome and special and worth looking after.  It is as simple as that.

There is also 'comfort' to consider.  For example after my shower if I don't moisturise it feels as though my face will crack.  Yes moisturising is about hydrating my skin, keeping it in top condition and if it keeps some wrinkles at bay them I'm happy with that too, however, mostly it's about being comfortable with my skin and feeling better when I've applied moisturiser.  It's the same with my sons eczema, it is comforting to have salve applied to stop the itch.

There is a big difference in taking care of your skin because you desire to do so and taking care of your skin because the media tells you you're not good enough if you don't.

One thing you will notice about JOLI is the distinct lack of 'pretty young girl' images for a number of reasons.
1) JOLI don't wish to spread the message that being a pretty, slim, young girl is the be all and end all of our existence.  There is enough of that message in the media already.
2) JOLI don't want my customers looking at a picture of somebody and feeling they have to aspire to that or feeling bad if they don't look like the person in the picture.
3) JOLI don't want my customers thinking if they use JOLI products they will look like that.  Sorry... if you're in your 40's (Go you!) you're not going to look 20 no matter how much Rich Cream Moisturiser you slather on ;)
4) JOLI don't want to buy into false advertising or contribute to the growing number of women who dislike themselves or their appearance.

Bottom line is you're going to remain looking like you and that is OK... it's better than OK.  It's great, perfect and exactly who you should be.  At JOLI our aim is to help you be you as comfortable and happy in your skin as possible xo

*    *    *
What are your views on advertising campaigns and their affect of self esteem?
Share your thoughts, we'd love to hear them.

Monday, 12 May 2014

WARNING! Toxic Cleaning Products!

When you do your grocery shopping at your local supermarket do you head down the cleaning isle?  What products are on your standard shopping list?

Bleach?  Toilet freshener?  Room deodoriser / air freshener?  Jiff?

toxic cleaning products
Did you know that bleach is highly toxic?  I'm sure you've at least got some idea that bleach is harmful (you can tell simply by the smell and the light-headed feeling you get when using it) yet perhaps you've never thought about how harmful it is.  Bleach is highly corrosive and is doing damage to you and your loved ones (think of your children here) every time you breath it in.  It is even worse when mixed with hot water.  In fact it says on the back of the bottle NOT to use bleach with hot water and yet most people use hot water to clean their shower.

Mixed with ammonia (urine) it creates a toxic gas and we use bleach to clean our toilets.  Yikes!

Air fresheners - if you've ever read the warning labels on air fresheners (especially ones from Europe where the warnings MUST be stated) you'll notice they say things like: do not use around pets, birds, fish tanks etc., do not go into the sprayed room for around 24hrs, avoid use if you get asthma, ventilate room well (i.e. open windows and doors) before venturing back into the room... and many other warnings.  How many of you actually do that?  How many of you knew to do that?  I didn't!

Toilet cleaners - when you see a commercial for toilet cleaners they're using what looks to be about 1/3 of the bottle!  Even though less than 1 teaspoon is enough to antibac an entire swimming pool.  The aim of the game is to get you using LOTS so you run out quickly and go out and purchase more, even though the smidgiest amount is needed to do the job.  Not to mention all those chemicals washed down our drains. 

What to do?

If you're looking for some safe, natural, environmentally friendly, effective cleaning products consider Nature Direct.  Their cleaning products are made with essential oils known for their antibacterial cleaning properties.  You can spray them around food, babies, children and people with asthma safely and while you may need a little more elbow grease to get the job done - you can't beat it for safety (both to people and the environment) over the standard cleaning products available.

*   *   *   *   *   *   

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

DIY Mozzie Repellent / Outside Torch

You will need:

  • one glass jar with a tight fitting lid
  • a piece of wire about 15-20cm long
  • a pencil or pen
  • a piece of wick
  • pebbles (any type of smallish size, from the garden, coloured ones...)
  • oil (either natural oil like olive or vegetable oil or paraffin oil - note: paraffin oil produces black smoke, natural oils do not).
  • citronella essential oil
Fill your glass jar quarter full of pebbles.

Twist the wire around the pen/pencil (as shown right of the picture).  Remove the pen/pencil and play with the wire so that the coils are gathered up the top slightly and loose at the bottom.  Also make the base of the wire broader than the top for balance (see pic).

Thread the wick up through the wire coil with 1cm of wick sticking out the top.

Place the wire with wick inside the glass jar sitting in the center, making sure the wire and wick are NOT higher than the top of the glass jar.  If they are squash the wire down a little.

Fill the remainder of the jar with pebbles no higher than the top of the wire, to hold the wire and wick in place.

Pour in your oil to cover the pebbles and wire, while leaving 1cm of wick sticking out.

Add 20-40drops of citronella oil.

The wick will absorb the oil quickly so you can light your mozzie repellent torch straight away.  Place your torch outside where you sit to keep the mozzies at bay.
To extend the wick when it burns down use a pair of pliers to grab the top of the wick and pull up gently.
To extinguish the flame place the lid on the jar.

Any questions?  Let me know.  I'm happy to help.