Thursday, 22 May 2014

Digging Deeper into the Real Beauty Campaign

You might have heard about the Dove Real Beauty Real Women campaign.  I was reading an article about the campaign which I shared on our Facebook page, and it talked about:

1. How the models are still heavily photoshopped.  In fact the photographer goes on to say that due to their imperfections they required more photoshopping than usual.

2. How the campaign increased Dove sales by 700%.

3. How the beauty industry is based on making women feel bad about their hair, their body, their clothes, their feet, their hands, their looks, their wrinkles, their weight, their cellulite and scars etc etc etc.

From someone who works in the beauty industry I dislike the idea of being all about making women feel bad about their appearance.  I've struggled enough with my own self image without wishing that struggle upon other women and I'm not in this industry to change how you look because you're not good enough, I'm in it to help you keep your assets in the best condition you possibly can.  [Mind you I've always wondered where that dislike of ones self stems from: the media, peers, upbringing, nature, nurture?]

For me JOLI is not about changing who you are because you're not good enough.  JOLI is about embracing your awesome qualities and making the most of them because you ARE good enough.  It doesn't matter if you're big, little, older or younger.  There are things about you - good hands, good feet, great legs, nice boobs, pretty eyes, nice lips - that are awesome and special and worth looking after.  It is as simple as that.

There is also 'comfort' to consider.  For example after my shower if I don't moisturise it feels as though my face will crack.  Yes moisturising is about hydrating my skin, keeping it in top condition and if it keeps some wrinkles at bay them I'm happy with that too, however, mostly it's about being comfortable with my skin and feeling better when I've applied moisturiser.  It's the same with my sons eczema, it is comforting to have salve applied to stop the itch.

There is a big difference in taking care of your skin because you desire to do so and taking care of your skin because the media tells you you're not good enough if you don't.

One thing you will notice about JOLI is the distinct lack of 'pretty young girl' images for a number of reasons.
1) JOLI don't wish to spread the message that being a pretty, slim, young girl is the be all and end all of our existence.  There is enough of that message in the media already.
2) JOLI don't want my customers looking at a picture of somebody and feeling they have to aspire to that or feeling bad if they don't look like the person in the picture.
3) JOLI don't want my customers thinking if they use JOLI products they will look like that.  Sorry... if you're in your 40's (Go you!) you're not going to look 20 no matter how much Rich Cream Moisturiser you slather on ;)
4) JOLI don't want to buy into false advertising or contribute to the growing number of women who dislike themselves or their appearance.

Bottom line is you're going to remain looking like you and that is OK... it's better than OK.  It's great, perfect and exactly who you should be.  At JOLI our aim is to help you be you as comfortable and happy in your skin as possible xo

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What are your views on advertising campaigns and their affect of self esteem?
Share your thoughts, we'd love to hear them.