Sunday, 26 July 2015

Are You a Naturalist?

What is a naturalist? A naturalist is someone who tries to choose natural alternatives where ever possible. They not only choose natural skin care and makeup but also try to go chemical free in many other aspects of their lives. Such as organic fruit and vegies, environmental cleaning products, menstruation products, growing their own produce where possible.

There are many aspects of our lives that have the potential to be green, and I'd go so far as to say 'back to the olden days' when we were using green products because the chemicals we have today weren't around then.

When I was a little girl (and I'm still fairly young) my mum taught me to clean the bathroom using only a natural bar of soap and a flannel. That was it. There was no bleach or domestos or pineoclean (kills 99% of germs - as well as any good bacterial defenses your body has). Just a simple bar of soap.

We had fruit trees in our yard (that we didn't spray) and herbs, and our extended family also had fruit trees and we'd make bottled sauces and pickled fruits and vegetables. To this day many of my family members choose to live this way.

We weren't 100% green, we still wore clothes dyed with harmful chemicals, we still wore makeup though it was very minimal, and used menstrual pads (luxury taxable items if you can believe that - and one way to fight that is to go green and reusable

These days it seems harder to go green because chemicals are in everything we touch and it seems our governments aren't really interested in protecting us from them. So it's up to us to be the change we want to see in this world. It's up to us to do our part and make as many changes as we can. Not everyone can grown fruit trees for example (if they don't have the space), yet there are other ways, many ways, to support going green.

Visit farmers markets (more and more are popping up) and purchase organic produce, purchase natural skin care, mineral makeup, wash your clothes before wearing them in green laundry soap, shop at opp shops - purchasing reusable clothing stops the manufacture of more clothes which helps reduce chemical dyes, sweat shops and wastage.

DITCH the big brands and big corporations who support the use of chemicals and have no intention of stopping, who don't support locally produced organic products, who don't have YOUR best interests and welfare at the heart of their existence.


Thursday, 2 July 2015

JOLI Natural Skin Care reviews

Here's what others are saying about JOLI :-

I love the Heavenly Bath Milk. It is nice and soft, and gives your bath a lovely subtle scent. You don't need very much - I only use about half a lid full, and that's probably a bit too much! I like this bath milk better than a leading world-known brand (which I won't mention) readily available by mass-production in their stores and on-line store. Joli's is a far superior product, at an extremely reasonable price. Thanks Joli!

After using Fluffy Lime Eye Cream for 3 days I noticed a real difference to the hydration of my eye area, it's general plumpness and the unexpected bonus of lightening of dark under-eye circles that I have had for YEARS! The texture is lovely and I am very happy. Thanks! :)

Within one week of using Rich Cream Moisturiser my face was soooo soft - and I have dry flaky skin normally. I am loving it.

I have dry, very sensitive skin and I use this wonderful Rich Cream Moisturiser for everything - face, feet, legs, arms, hands, elbows! I love having a versatile natural product that I can quickly grab after my shower - saves time and works fabulously!

I have VERY sensitive skin and Facial & Body Wash is the first cleanser I have ever tried that I can use every day - love it!

I have dry flaky skin... yet I get so many blackheads on my chin (I know horrible!) every facewash that could get rid of the blackheads dried my skin even more and felt like it was burning (sensitive skin). Yet this Facial & Body Wash I can use daily, does not burn and leaves my skin hydrated and no blackheads. :) Yay

I believe Moisturising Lip Balm is the best, it does a great job, my chapped lips are gone, it is non greasy and long lasting. I just love it!

I love the strawberry flavour and my kids love watermelon Lip Balm. I feel safe being able to put these lip balms on my children's lips knowing there is no harmful chemicals or preservatives that could affect them.