Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Environmentally Friendly Menstruation

The curse, that time of the month, on your rags, Mr Red, flying the red flag, your 'friend' has come to visit, Aunt flo, iron drain, rivers run red, girlie time, red mayo, girl stuff, painter is in the house, riding the crimson wave, on the red, the red dragon, the red man, monthlies, out of action, have my girlies, 'it', fell on an axe, Mr P, ovaries exploding, I'm not pregnant this month.

What do you call your period?  I'm sure us women have a list of names we've given to our monthly cycle.  Feel free to share your names with us by leaving a comment on this blog.

A little while ago I read an article asking "Are you still using tampons and pads?"  The article talked about the chemicals in these items, as well as the costs and the waste.  Not environmentally friendly AT ALL!  Not to forget to mention these items are taxed as a luxury and the amount of money we spend on these items over our life time is crazy - roughly about 6-10K.

Of course it got me thinking of green alternatives.  So I purchased a Diva menstrual cup and reusable pads.  I got the menstrual cup from eBay (around $40) and the menstrual pads (around $11-$15 each) from and - though I found out after I purchased the cup that greenchickadee also sell them.
All items are washable and reusable so I can continue using them for a number of years which will save me a fair whack of money.

How do these items perform?

The menstrual cup plugs and catches discharge much like a tampon - without the toxins.  If you do leak occasionally - the menstrual cup becomes full or it wasn't inserted correctly - the reusable pads catch leaks.  The cup worked surprisingly well.  I thought it was going to leak all over the place, it doesn't.  There is a slight trick to inserting the cup (they come with instructions) and I put it in too far once, that was awkward and painful.  When first inserted each time it would feel obvious and sometimes feel like it was going to fall out (though that could just be me), however after a while I would forget it was there and all would be fine.  I did do some slight exercise too and the cup held up well.

The part I found trickiest to deal with is having to clean the cup. Once I had removed and emptied the cup over the toilet, I would have to waddle over to the sink with my pants around my knees (great imagery!) to wash the cup thoroughly, before waddling back to the loo to reinsert the thing.  Like I said, that was a bit tricky.

The pads were slightly tricky in that they don't stick to the knickers like over-the-counter ones and thus move a bit here and there - backwards, forwards and sideways.  However, leakage was minimal so this wasn't a major issue.  I recommend wearing the pads with very tight underpants that will hold the pad firmly in place.

All up I'd say it's slightly more complicated than using mainstream pads and tampons, though this is partly due to us being so accustomed to 'easy' options.  Both items worked very well, I didn't have any big spillages and, actually one thing I would say is, I didn't wake up in the middle of the with that "Oh oh!" feeling of having leaked all over the bed.

Have you made the switch to going green for your period?  Share your story with us.

P.S. - Changing the menstrual cup in a public toilet is slightly awkward.  They make a suction sound when being removed and this echos through the toilet, plus you can't go over to the counter to wash them in front of everyone (well maybe some could...), so it's a matter of tipping out the contents and reinserting.


Monday, 26 August 2013

DIY Easy Tonic Water For Skin

This simple Tonic Water can be used for a number of things.

1. If you don't have any toner on hand use this tonic water.
2. To give your arm pits or 'good bits' a quick spruce.
3. Wipe over your Deodorant to refresh the surface of your roll on bar.
4. Give your feet a quick once over to freshen them up.
5. Cleanse your hands.

I'm sure you can find a number of other general uses for this tonic water. 
The essential oils chosen have antibacterial properties.

You will need:
125ml bottle
125ml water
4 drops of tea tree OR orange essential oil.

Fill bottle up with water and add essential oil.  Shake well before each use.

TIP: store your tonic water in a spritz bottle (above) so you can spray your face, as an aftershave lotion, under your arms, your chest, your groin, shoes, feet, and even your Deodorant roll on - for antibacterial properties.


Clearing A Breakout

For the past week I've set myself a strict routine of exfoliating, cleansing, toning and moisturising nightly (exfoliating every 2-3 days) whether I wore makeup or not. I'd gotten lazy and was thinking I it didn't matter if I cleansed and moisturised daily. But trust me when I say it does matter!

1. Started off dabbing some Whipped Cream on my face, rubbed the cream in, left it for a few minutes before washing it away with a wet face washer - use warm/hot water not cold. This is to clean away the makeup.

Use moisturiser to remove makeup
2. Did the same for my eyes using Fluffy Lime Eye Cream. Giving myself that punched in the eyes look (always attractive).
Removing eye makeup with Fluffy Lime Eye Cream
3. Exfoliated using Enliven Facial Scrub. This alleviates flaky skin, removes dry dead skin cells and clears the pores of potential blockages.

4. Cleansed using Facial & Body Wash. The essential oils in the cleanser (I use oily blend) control oil secretion and kill bacteria - a very important part of tackling blemishes and wounds on the skin.

5. The most important step is the one most people forget, ignore and don't do: TONER. A highly underrated step. Using Purifying Cleansing Toner rinses the skin clean, removes any left over residue of makeup and cleanser and closes pores, very important for having clean and clear skin.

Purifying Cleansing Toner - JOLI
Purifying Cleansing Toner - JOLI

6. Applied Skin Serum to affected areas to heal the skin, wounds and scabbing. Very important as this reduces scaring and wound/blemish time.

7. Moisturise to hydrate the skin and stop those pesky dry flaking bits of skin.

8. Lastly applied Fluffy Lime Eye Cream around my eyes to ward off crows feet.

9. Ok... lastly I applied a dash of lip balm because I love soft glossy lips and like to feel a dash of glamour.

If you're suffering through bad looking skin... try this daily routine for two weeks and see the difference it makes to your skin. Then keep your fabulous routine going!

* Note: Steps 1 & 2 were only done to remove makeup. When not wearing makeup move straight on to step 3 if you prefer.


Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Cleopatra Did It Naturally, So Can YOU

Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra
Cleopatra VII was an intelligent and charismatic, enticing and very alluring woman. It is said that she had the most beautiful skin with a very comprehensive beauty regime.

The types of ingredients she used for her skin care were sea salt, frankincense oil, honey, milk, apple cider vinegar, clay, herbs, aloe and beeswax - just to name a few.

There was no agiraline, propylene glycol, AHA, DEA, SLS, mineral oil or any other man made synthetic ingredient and she looked amazing!

It is a myth that these new fangdangle ingredients make products more luxurious or better for you and your skin. In fact the opposite is true, when you use natural skin care the results are better and last longer.

JOLI want you to have the luxury Queen Cleopatra had, natural skin care designed to have your skin looking amazing and you feeling luxuriously pampered!

Some products Queen Cleopatra would have loved to indulge in: 


Sunday, 4 August 2013

September Gift Box GIVEAWAY!!


Winner will receive a gift box full of gorgeous goodies valued at over $100 (details below)

~ You might be familiar with the TV commercials where someone hands someone a wrap or burger (shows how much I'm paying attention) and the quotes are about making the best of a BAD situation; your newly single status, didn't get the promotion again, I took the credit for your work. ~

For this comp - Yes... you'll have to participate to WIN!! - JOLI would like you to tell us what bad (aka: can be seen as humorous/positive) situation you need congratulating, thank your, sorry for putting up with.

e.g. maybe you need it for:
Your baby's first poo smearing all over their room.
Your child pooing in the bath.
Your dog/cat urinating in your favourite shoes...

You get the idea - if not let us know and we'll help you out.

  • 250g Rose Milk Bath Soak [JOLI Natural Skin Care]
  • 2 purple and black hand decorated scented candle sticks
  • a pretty large black bow hair clip with bun pouch
  • a pair of vintage pearl button stud earrings [Creative Mandie]
  • a pair of stunning handmade tan and silver dangle earrings [TTTreasures]
  • a pack of chocolate orange (bath) truffles [JOLI Natural Skin Care]
  • a large wash & care menstrual pad [Your Cheeky Monkey]
  • a pair of gorgeous extension lashes [Lash Republic / supplied by Brides on Main]
Entry Conditions.
1. Australian residents only. We do not ship overseas.
2. You can Like the pages contributing prizes to the gift box.
3. You can Like and share the gift box giveaway posts on Facebook (you'll need people to VOTE on the winning comment).
4. Subscribe to a little fortnightly Indulgence - & receive a product sample while you're at it.
5. you MUST post your comment on THIS blog (50 words or less). No need to have a google / blog account to do so. You can begin leaving your comment on the blog NOW.

Begins Monday 9th Sept - ENDS Friday 11th October

Second part of the comp is to get people VOTE on your fabulous comment/entry.
1. To VOTE click Reply under the comment you wish to vote on and write the word VOTE!
2. VOTES for a winner begin Monday 7th October and you have until the 11th October to get as many votes as you can.


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