Thursday, 28 December 2017

How To Repair A Nail

My nails have moments of growing and looking lovely, all longish and even, then one by one they'll break (usually from cleaning and gardening).  I've noticed breakage usually happens as the menstrual cycle approaches as well. Does this happen to you? And breakage begins on my dominant hand first then the other hand until all but one or two long nails remain. Admittedly I am very rough and tough on my nails (gardening, exercise, cleaning).

When they break it is mostly likely at the base of the nail edge, near the nail bed. A painful break if the nail peels back. Ouch!

To repair a nail you will need:

  • A tea bag
  • A quality nail file
  • A quality nail glue
  • Scissors
  • Wooden cuticle stick or toothpicks
  • Tweezers
To begin remove any nail polish. Empty the tea bag contents into a bowl, you can drink these leaves later or make a cup of tea and drink while you repair your nail. Cut a small piece of fabric from the tea bag, around 2-3mm square or rectangle. You don't need much and can cut several small pieces in case you think you will require more (it's always good to have a few small pieces ready to go).

Applying in small batches works best because tea bags aren't very flexible and tend not to curve around the nail, but set firm and straight.  Large pieces do NOT stick to the nail well so stick to small pieces.

If you already have a previous nail repair file this down gently first with a white block file.

Apply a tiny dab of glue to the broken area, then using tweezers pick up the small piece of tea bag paper and place over the glue.  Blow for a few seconds and use the toothpicks, wooden cuticle or tweezers to press the paper in place along the edges.  Press down and hold for a second or two then release, continuing to do so until the glue is dry and the paper is set in place.  Don't hold too long or the glue will stick to the items used to hold the paper down.

File down lightly with a white block file then apply cuticle oil and varnish.

step 1: nail break
step 2: smooth area with soft file
step 3: apply glue
step 4: prepared bits of tea bag cut into small millimeter pieces
step 5: apply small piece of tea bag to glued area
step 6: allow glue to dry
step 7: buff area to smooth
step 8: polish area with a polishing buffer


Thursday, 14 December 2017

JOLI Reviews

Rose-Leah ★★★★★ I love the way they make my skin feel - fresh and moisturised. And that's just the face moisturiser and eye cream. Then there's the Lolly Musk lip balm - I probably use it too much lol because of the flavour, it's the best lip balm I've ever used. The massage oil is wonderful. Thank you for making such great all-natural, chemical-free products

Rebecca ★★★★★ Joli makes beautiful bath soaks, body creams/lotions, soaps, lip balms and heaps more. The lip balms come in many flavours, and Joli is even willing to blend the flavours to suit your 'tastes', eg chocolate-vanilla, caramel-coffee etc etc. Also, Joli is extremely friendly and offers super quick service. I love Joli Natural!

Jacqui ★★★★★ Lovely personalised service, received my order quickly, beautifully wrapped and with a free gift! :) It's the FIRST time ever I have put a moisturiser on my face at night and not woken up with greasy skin!!! I love the texture of the Fluffy Lime Eye Cream and the Wrinkle Buster [product no longer available] is soooooo luxurious... look forward to adding to this review as I try more products, but I'm off to a GREAT start. Thanks Jodi! :)

Added: Day 3 of the Fluffy Lime Eye Cream and my dark circles (which I have had for as long as I can remember) have started to lighten (I should have taken a 'Before & After' - LOL) and the whole eye area is much plumper. AWESOME!!!

Added: Loving my products! Have added to my collection with the deodorant - the only natural one that I have tried that actually works, the hair wax - also works beautifully and smells good enough to eat, and the face wash - leaves my skin feeling clean but not stripped! Can't get enough of your products... my face is healthy and glowing and NO breakouts this month. What can I try next??? :)

★★★★★ OMG your herbal shampoo bar = divine! I found it hard to believe you didn't have to use a conditioner, but you really don't (I'm still rather excited by all that!!!) Also, my son's eczema (after only 2 days!!) is calming down for the first time in 2 YEARS!! (I really should of taken before and after shots, as I am SO amazed!) He can bath in stuff OTHER then pinetarsol now! NEITHER the soap or bubble bath affect his skin AT ALL! AND finally, he smells nicer!! (rather then smelling like pinetarsol!!) Mixed in with the eczema salve which we use daily, his eczema is really on the mend! I shall be shopping again AND I've been calling my friends telling them about all this! I'm just so AMAZED! Thanks Joli xoxoxoxo

★★★★★ Heavenly Bath Milk: I love the Heavenly Bath Milk. It is nice and soft, and gives your bath a lovely subtle scent. You don't need very much - I only use about half a lid full, and that's probably a bit too much! I like this bath milk better than a leading world-known brand (which I won't mention) readily available by mass-production in their stores and on-line store. Joli's is a far superior product, at an extremely reasonable price. Thanks Joli!

★★★★★ LipBalm: I absolutely love these lip balm. I have tried them in many flavours, including caramel, strawberry, coconut, vanilla,french vanilla and lastly my favourite, lolly musk. These lip balms are easy to apply and non-greasy. Jodi is even kind enough to blend flavours if you like eg strawberry-vanilla - I can't get enough of Joli's lip balms, and would recommend them to absolutely everyone!

★★★★★ Enliven Facial & Body Scrub: I love the texture and aroma of this product! The lemon myrtle scent is really zingy and fresh. The crushed walnut exfoliates well and my skin is left feeling smooth but not dry or sore. Another great product :)

★★★★★ 'After sun' Tea Tree Moisturiser [product no longer available]: This is the first moisturiser that I have ever used at night that hasn't left me with greasy skin in the morning! It has a lovely light feel, is soothing and sinks right in! Very happy, thanks :)

★★★★★ Fluffy Lime Eye Cream: After using for 3 days I noticed a real difference to the hydration of my eye area, it's general plumpness and the unexpected bonus of lightening of dark under-eye circles that I have had forYEARS! The texture is lovely and I am very happy. Thanks! :)

★★★★★ Light Moisturiser: I loved the sample pot that Joli sent me - it will definately be added to my next order. I have quite sensitive skin and it was lovely to be able to apply lavishly. Non greasy and perfect for the hot humid weather that we experience here in Central Queensland.

★★★★★ Facial & Body Wash: I have dry flaky skin... yet I get so many blackheads on my chin (I know horrible!) every face wash that could get rid of the blackheads dried my skin even more and felt like it was burning (sensitive skin). Yet this face wash I can use daily, does not burn and leaves my skin hydrated and no blackheads. :) Yay

★★★★★ Rich Cream Facial Moisturiser: Within one week of using this cream my face was soooo soft - and I have dry flaky skin normally. I am loving it.

★★★★★ Light Moisturiser: I love the Light Moisturiser. I have it in Rose Geranium scent, which is absolutely devine. I mostly use this as a hand cream, but I do also occasionally use it as a light face cream. I would thoroughly recommend this to everyone!

★★★★★ Moisturising Lip Balm: I love this lip balm, especially without the tint. I have a french vanila lime one, and it is devine and lives in my pocket all day long. Thanks Joli!

★★★★★ Light Moisturiser: This is my favourite moisturiser for the Qld summer - I love the way it lightly moisturises without clogging up the pores and making me perspire in the humidity. I have the most sensitive skin of anyone I know and natural products are extremely important to me - Joli has a definite winner with this moisturiser!

★★★★★ Rich Cream Facial Moisturiser: I have dry, very sensitive skin and I use this wonderful moisturiser for everything - face, feet, legs, arms, hands,elbows! I love having a versatile natural product that I can quickly grab after my shower - saves time and works fabulously!

★★★★★ Facial & Body Wash: I have VERY sensitive skin and this is the first cleanser I have ever tried that I can use every day - love it!

★★★★★ Rich Cream Moisturiser: This product moisturises without leaving my skin feeling itchy or making me break out in acne. My skin is looking healthier, and I am saving money. I used to spend $130.00 on a jar of face moisturiser before trying rich cream moisturiser; what a waste of money!

★★★★★ Lip Balm: The apple flavour is good enough to eat! I have had a lot of trouble with lip balms drying my lips out, but this one keeps my lips moisturised while tasting yummy.

★★★★★ Sandman Soap [product no longer available], "I like this soap. It's gritty." referring to the exfoliating granules within the soap - made especially to exfoliate while you wash.

★★★★★ Rich Cream Moisturiser: Fantastic! Makes my skin feel softer and smoother than any other moisturiser. I used to use Oil of Olay for sensitive skin. Not any more.

★★★★★ Hair Styling Wax: Hair Wax is excellent and I have tried many!

★★★★★ Enliven Facial Scrub: This firm but gentle scrub is great for all ages - my sons and partner always let me know when they need more. I love the moisturising properties, unlike chemical scrubs which can also remove the essential natural oils in the skin. Every member of my family uses Enliven Facial Scrub!