Monday, 13 April 2015

Natural Ways to Deal With BO

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Body odor. It is one of those things many of us dislike, on ourselves and others.

Certain things we do in our everyday lives affect our BO, how much we smell and how strong the smell can be, such as: eating lots of garlic, drinking lots of alcohol, smoking, not washing often, sweating more than usual.

Here are some natural ways to combat BO when you notice you've got it.

1) Drink lots of fresh water, with a dash of lemon or lime if you like, and green herbal teas (without caffeine). This will help flush out toxins and replenish your body with clean liquids.

2) Stop the intake of toxins such as sugary or fatty foods, caffeine and alcohol. These can have a stinky effect on our bodies; what goes in must come out one way or another.

3) Cleanse those smelly areas with toner to wash away bacteria that is causing the smell.

4) Apply a natural deodorant or body spray.

5) Repeat steps 1 - 4 until your BO isn't smelling as pongy.