Wednesday, 29 February 2012

COMPETITION ~ Natural Beauty Photo Comp.

{thank you Fairy Me By Tarja for this gorgeous JOLI photo}

In line with our focus on “Natural Beauty” JOLI are running a photo competition for you to show us what you believe natural beauty is.  The focus will be on real people, natural people, natural beauty.

How the comp will work:

·        Submit one photo of your depiction of natural beauty via email to JOLI Natural Skin Care telling us why you think your photo represents natural / real beauty.

·         The photo can be of you, your partner, your mum, dad, grandma etc. 

·         The photos cannot contain full uncovered frontal nudity or people in inappropriate poses.

·         The competition will be run here on our JOLI blog spot. 
·         Photos will be uploaded to our JOLI blog spot where people will be able to vote* and comment on the photos they feel best represent natural beauty.

·         To vote for a pic write [vote] at the beginning of your comment telling us WHY you're voting for that particular picture.  You can also tick our "reaction" boxes [Feel Good - Interesting - Inspiring**] by way of showing support for a photo whether you vote on it or not.  The [vote]s are how you vote and how we count the winning photo.  Reactions are for showing your support.

·         There will be one winner and that winner with receive $80 worth of JOLI products.

·         Competition starts NOW and ends 1st June so you have plenty of time to submit your photos, place your votes and collect votes.

The main objective of this competition – aside from the prize – is to show people how truly beautiful we all are regardless of how society judges us and regardless of what the media portrays as beauty.  To show everyone we are all gorgeous in our own way.

* JOLI will do as much as we can to keep voting even and promote all of your pictures for outside voters.  Announcements will be made on Facebook to direct our fans to vote as well.

** Tick some other reactions boxes while you're here.

Any questions?  Please email us.  Good Luck!!

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