Saturday, 18 February 2012

The Home Manicure with JOLI

File your nails starting with the side walls making sure they are neat and straight.  Move onto the free edge filing your nails into your preferred perfect shape.  File in one direction ONLY along the free edge.

Soak your hands in warm water sprinkled with a liberal amount of Rose Milk Bath Soak for 5-10mins.  The milk moisturises while the Epsom salts give you a boost in magnesium.  The essential oils in this bath milk calm the mind while also being beneficial to skin, anti aging, rejuvenating as well as aiding with eczema and dermatitis.


Use the cuticle stick to gently push overgrown cuticles back while they’re wet and malleable.  Cuticles help keep the overall health of your fingers and nails in good condition by forming a seal between the skin and the top of your nail.  Chewing, cutting and mistreating your cuticles can result in the deterioration of your nails, hands and fingers, as well as leaving you open to chronic infection.

Apply Fancy Cuticle Oil by dripping one drop on oil onto your thumb.  Using your other hand dab the drop of oil with a finger tip and apply oil to the rest of the cuticles on the first hand.  

Rub the oil into the cuticles thoroughly and repeat for other hand.

Rich Cream Moisturiser is a lovely thick hand cream that richly moisturises.  Moisturising hands and nails keep your hands and nails in excellent condition.  Moisturised nails are less susceptible to damaged and breakage and less susceptible to drying, ridges, cracking and flaking.

 The above products are all available in the JOLI Manicure Gift Pack.

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