Thursday, 17 May 2018

The Many Faces of JOLI

I wanted to write this blog to show you that there is so much more to JOLI (aka me) than natural skin care.  While natural skin care is a big part of my world, living naturally in many other aspects is also important to me (and for my family).  Like all people I am multifaceted and have numerous talents, in fact I could say I'm a veritable Martha Stewart of the natural world. 

When I'm not making natural skin care I'm making hot chilli sauce.

When I'm not making hot chilli sauce I'm growing my own produce.

When I'm not growing my own produce I'm making home made snacks.

When I'm not making home made snacks I'm preserving foods.

When I'm not preserving foods I'm cooking wholesome meals for my family.

When I'm not cooking wholesome meals for my family I'm singing.

When I'm not singing I'm teaching my children to cook.

When I'm not teaching my children to cook I'm growing my own herbal teas.

When I'm not growing my own herbal teas I'm making a home for my birds.

When I'm not making a home for my birds I'm making art.

When I'm not making art I'm being a good mother.

When I'm not being a good mother I'm making DIY videos.

When I'm not making DIY videos I'm educating people about chemicals in skin care.

When I'm not educating people about chemicals I'm playing Queen of The Nile.

When I'm not playing Queen of The Nile I'm struggling.

When I'm not struggling I'm having a breakout.

When I'm not having a breakout I'm dancing.

When I'm not dancing I'm colouring in with my children.

When I'm not colouring in with my children I'm living naturally.


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