Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Disconnect Between Emotional and Rationale

Have you ever observed people spending money? It can be hard to see what people spend money on in supermarkets and large chain stores, however, since JOLI have been holding a market stall it's a little easier to watch people and notice where they part ways with their hard earned cash and how it matches up (or not) with their ethics.

For example, at markets, the highest selling product is food. Not the type of food you take home to cook for the family but immediate, ready made, takeaway food in throwaway (add to landfill) packaging. People selling cheap trinkets also sell a lot, while those with specialty items, especially more pricey items, lag behind in sales. Many people consider beauty products a luxury and therefore not worth their money or ethics.

Recently JOLI were at a three day festival all about women connecting with each other, Mother Earth and themselves. From our humble little stall we were able to see the people coming and going and which stalls sold LOTS and which didn't.

For the most part the women there were (meant to be) spiritual beings, at one with the earth, garden and nature, many vegetarians and animal lovers and activists. The type of women who passed by the JOLI stall, read our ingredients labels (some of the cleanest skin care on the market) and balked because we use beeswax. While they were happy to apply lavish amounts of creams and lotions from the sample pots, say how wonderful the creams are, they purchased very little.

These same women spent copious amounts of money on strands of clip-in dread locks ($25 per dread) made with synthetic fabric and synthetic dyes (that are most likely tested on animals), mass produced clothing (possibly from sweat shops and most likely using synthetic dyes, tested on animals), tarot readings, temporary henna ink art and take away food on plastic plates and paper cups (but at least the forks were bamboo).

Quite frankly, the people were somewhat laughable when they're eating all that takeaway food on disposable plastic plates and paper cups and putting them in the regular bins instead of the recycle bins (which is exactly what hundreds of people did at the festival). Not a lot of ethics or 'connecting with Mother Nature' about that.

Further more, if any of the ladies at the festival use fly spray, insect repellent, Glen 20, washing detergent, disinfectant, mainstream soaps, perfumes, hair dyes, have a large wardrobe etc. then they need to remember those things are far more harmful for the environment and animals that a couple of grams of beeswax in a lip balm.

 vegan products
People kidded themselves that they were being Earth Loving beings (or even self loving) while spending huge amounts of money on instant gratification and disposable items. At the same time talking themselves out of genuinely beneficial products where a lot of hard work has gone into the ethics of what JOLI produce. For me personally, taking care of my skin with clean, green products is far more important and ethical, with long term benefits, than $25 synthetic dread locks, $25+ henna art that will only last a week, $5 cups of coffee and mass produced clothing.

Whilst observing this it was easy to see there is a disconnect between our emotional and rational side. Our rational side is all like: I'm a vegan and don't eat or hurt animals and practice yoga and ride everywhere and I'm all about connecting with and protecting Mother Earth. While our emotional side is all like: Oh I want it, I MUST have it and I cannot differentiate between want and need, good and bad, earth friendly or environmental hazard.

It's time to get real about what we spend money on. If we are really are about saving the earth and protecting animals and being spiritually connected then making purchases based on 'wanting' an item vs 'needing' an item isn't going to work. You HAVE to ask yourself, do I really need this mass produced disposable item? Do I really need more clothes made in sweat shops, sold for cheap and produced at such vast quantities that we destroy the earth just to provide them?

Let your rationale guide you and not your emotions.


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