Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Chocolate Slice Recipe

* This recipe is a family favourite which I have been making for over 27 years *

You will need:
1 cup crushed Weetbix / Vitabrits (great for using the crumbs in the bottom of the bag)
1 cup desicated coconut
1 cup SR flour
1/2 cup sugar
2 tbl spn cocoa powder
125gms butter, margarine or vegan alternative

1 1/2 cups icing sugar - sifted
1 tbl spn cocoa powder - sifted


100g butter
100g chocolate

Place weetbix, coconut, SR flour, sugar and cocoa powder in a bowl and mix thoroughly.  Melt butter or margarine and pour into dry ingredients and mix really well until all dry ingredients are coated and sticking together.
Pour mix into a flat lamington tray, pressing down mixture firmly.  Bake in an over at 180c for 15 minutes.  Remove from over and cut into bite size pieces while still in the tray.  Do not remove slice from tray.  Leave to cool.

To make the icing, mix the icing sugar and cocoa powder together, gradually adding water and mixing into a paste.  The perfect consistency is when you can make a figure 8 on the surface and it holds for a little while.  Pour icing onto cooled slice, sprinkle with extra coconut (optional) and chill until icing is set.

Alternatively.  Melt butter and chocolate together in a small saucepan placed over a larger saucepan filled with hot water.  When thoroughly melted and combined pour over cooled slice, sprinkle with extra coconut (optional) and chill in the fridge until icing is set.

Remove from fridge and break slice along previous cuts - re slice if necessary.  Remove slices from tray and place them on a pretty serving dish ready to eat.


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