Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Chemicals In Our Day To Day Life

There are chemicals all around us – in our skincare, food, drinks, household cleaners... everywhere.  I never used to pay too much attention to how many chemicals I was exposed to – I was always a little blasé and didn’t really care, up until a few years ago when my mother-in-law introduced me to natural & chemical free skincare, which I feel in love with instantly.  Chemical free skincare sometimes has the ‘label’ of being more expensive than regular over the counter ranges.  Some of the more expensive beauty counter brands are packed full of chemicals – why pay higher amounts just for the brand even though it’s full of nasty chemicals?  If you were to be given a list of all these nasty chemicals in these products (without being told what products these chemicals are composed in) and if you were asked if you would expose yourself and your body to these, your answer would probably be no – so why pay high $$ for a beauty product, just because it has a well known brand name written on it?

After only using chemical free skincare over these past few years, I can no longer tolerate chemical-filled ones.  They smell just as nasty as the ingredient listing reads, and some feel quite ‘yucky’ too.  I was recently given a sample of a well-known brand’s most recently released face cream.  I was intrigued to try it, so off I went to the bathroom mirror and delicately applied it to my face, neck & décolletage.  Approximately 5 minutes later, I could actually taste the face cream.  I thought back to how I had applied it – had I somehow put some on my lips?  I was fairly certain not, but was starting to think that maybe I had...  The following day, I used the remainder of the sample sachet, being very careful to make sure I went no where near my lips... again, within 5 minutes I could actually taste it again.  I could not believe how nasty this product was for me to be able to taste it after applying it – what is this nasty face cream doing to my body and blood stream??  The following day I was very keen to use my chemical free face cream again and not being able to taste it.

Anything we put on our skin gets absorbed in to our blood stream, therefore I like to be very careful with all my skincare and makeup products.  I have been using chemical free lip balm for over 5 years now, and I can no longer wear store bought lip balms – as soon as I apply them I can taste the chemicals. 

My body has definitely thanked me for eliminating chemicals from my daily skincare regime – did you know that the average woman applies 14 different skincare & makeup products each day?  I was alarmed when I first heard this, until I listed all mine:
1.       Morning – face cleanser
2.       Morning – face toner
3.       Morning – moisturiser
4.       Morning – deodorant
5.       Morning – perfume
6.       Morning – foundation
7.       Morning – mascara
8.       Morning – lip gloss or lip stick
9.       Night – Shampoo
10.   Night – Conditioner
11.   Night – face cleanser
12.   Night – face toner
13.   Night – moisturiser
14.   Night – foot cream
15.   Night – hand cream

That’s pretty scary!!

With such a wide range of chemical-free skincare and makeup on the market these days, we are sure to be able to easily find a range or product which suits our personal budget and needs.  It’s fun to go out and start investigating these ranges and products, so if you’re only just beginning your chemical-free skincare journey, I am sure that you will enjoy every step of your learning path, and I can be fairly sure that you will not want to go back to chemicals.

Guest Blog by Rebecca


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