Wednesday, 10 October 2018

How To Treat Sunburn

Can you remember the last time you got sunburned?  How long were you in pain for?  How long did your burns take to heal?  Did you blister and peel?

I'm kicking myself because I got sunburned even though I wore a long sleeve top and hat and thought I was protected.  Sadly my neck was not covered and got cooked to a cripsy.  Boo hiss!

The temperature was 25 and overcast, the sky covered with grey clouds.  There was a 5 minute walk to the parade which I watched in the shade.  Then a 10 minute walk to the fairground where I sat under the shade of a beautiful large old tree, and some standing around watching a bird show for around 5 or so minutes.

All up only around 20minutes of sunshine... yet enough to cook me :-(

Here are steps on how I treated my sunburn and healed quickly with as little pain and discomfort as possible.

Day 1 - (technically night 1) Applied Whipped Cream Moisturiser to my face and neck because I could feel my skin was dehydrated and desperately needed a good drink.  My neck was super red and sore to touch and I felt miserable and foolish. 

Day 2 - Applied Soothing Salve in the morning, the afternoon and before bed.  I had to pat the lotion on very gingerly because rubbing and touching my skin hurt badly.  Especially my trapezius muscles.

Day 3 - Applied Whipped Cream Moisturiser as a cold cream mask to my face and neck and let it sit for 15minutes to soak in and deeply hydrate my skin.  Moisturising richly in an attempt to starve off fine lines and wrinkles that can come from being sunburned. 
Before bed I applied Soothing Salve and could already rub the lotion into the front of my neck and trapezius without discomfort.

Day 4 - By this stage the pain had gone away and I could easily apply Soothing Salve to the area before bed.  The red had already faded to a light tan colour.

When my skin was fully healed, around day 7, I began applying Enliven Facial & Body Scrub to exfoliate the area and gently removed the tanned skin (the tanned neck looks funny next to my pale body and face).

In future I plan on wearing a summer scarf to cover my neck instead of thinking I'm covered up enough and it's not that hot so I should be ok.

When did you last get burned and how and what did you do to treat it?


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