Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Tree Of Life Wall Painting

I love indoor trees... Well I love outdoor trees so it stands to reason I also love indoor trees.

Trees have such a majesty about them.  So huge and big and long standing.  They're like wise old people who've stood around watching the world go by - oh the stories they could tell.

When my son requested a tree on his bedroom wall I jumped at the chance.

First I drew an outline in chalk.

Then I began colouring in the tree working out which branches worked and which ones didn't.

Then the first layer was finished.  The tree still needs another layer and I'm contemplating adding some glow in the dark outline... not sure yet.

Either way we're happy with how it turned out.  Looks amazing!!

What do you think?

tree wall decal: step one outline

tree wall decal: step two paint

tree wall decal: step three complete


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