Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The Truth About Kills 99% of Germs

If I say words like triclosan, triclocarban and triethanolamine [TEA or TEOA] are you familiar with them?  Have you heard of them before?  Do you know what they do?

Ttriclosan, triclocarban and triethanolamine are ingredients you'll find in antibacterial products that claim to kill 99% of germs.  They are in germ killing liquid soaps, hand sanitizer lotions and the like.  Go NOW and check your germ killing products to see if these ingredients are in them!
Aside from being harmful / hazardous chemicals to begin with... these, and other, germ killing agents annihilate your bodies own defense mechanisms. 

Each person has their own germ killing agents all over their body and particularly on their hands.  What your own natural germ killing agents do is stop things like flu and cold germs (and other viruses) invading your body.  They fight invisible battles on your behalf to stop you getting sick.  It is the same for your children, babies, husband, wife, mother, son... everyone!

When you use products that kill 99% of germs you are also killing off your bodies own natural defense mechanism (your minature knights in shining armour if you will) which leaves you and your family OPEN to virus invasion.  You are more likely to get sick if you use products that kill 99% of germs than you are if you use plain soap and water and allow your body to build up it's own defense mechanisms.

You are unprotected when you kill off 99% of germs ~ image by JOLI

This is where the super-bug stems from.  Man has created so many germ killing agents that germs are continually mutating to avoid being killed off.  Germs are very adaptable like that.  They want to live as so they change and alter themselves so they can live through doses of 99% germ killing agents.  The thing is: Your own natural germs die once they come in contact with these ingredients!  Leaving you defenseless against the onslaught of germs.

KEEP this in mind when reaching for the Detol, Pine O Cleen, Hand Sanitizer, Palmolive Antibacterial Defence Liquid, other antibacterial hand washes, germ killing wipes and ALL THOSE other products that claim to "Kill 99% of germs".

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  1. I never use anti-bacterial anything. I have family members that use all kinds of products that are anti-bacterial and they are always sick. You have to have some germs in your life so you can build anti-bodies to fight the bad stuff. Great post!

  2. Interesting post Joli!
    I've certainly noticed the increase in children affected by allergies and believe that the determination to 'kill all germs' has in part created this.
    A few germs and dirt aren't a bad option :-)

  3. Oh wow isn't that the truth? When my son was in school they would line the kiddos up for lunch and shoot them with anti-bacterial soap before lunch. I'm all for clean hands at meal time but maybe all the 99% germ killing is what is making our immunity weak? Definitely something to think about.

  4. It's wonderful to hear that people are making wise choices and avoiding anti-bacterial "kills germs" products. Many of us grew up playing in the dirt and mud, getting wet and grubby, eating food with our hands in the great outdoors. We should all be letting our children have the same carefree, fun experiences we had and enjoy being a child.
    Thanks very much for your responses :)