Monday, 30 March 2015

Fight Back Against Cancer

I've written an earlier article on reasons why I don't support cancer fundraising events - basically because the cancer foundations are NOT demanding companies stop using harmful chemicals in products, ingredients that are known to harm us.  Instead they blithely let these companies continue to use these known hazardous ingredients without even so much as altering the public to this injustice.
Companies that use known
hazardous ingredients in their

Here are some ways you can help the fight against cancer.

1) Stop using beauty products containing hazardous chemicals. I know women who don't want to know about this issue. They want to sweep it under the carpet and pretend it doesn't exist. Sadly it is women like this who keep funding those cosmetic companies into producing more bad ingredients. Stop buying into it and supporting these companies.  Instead support natural skin care companies.

2) Stop using beauty products that are tested on animals or that use chemicals / ingredients that ARE tested on animals. See the above hazardous chemical list and KNOW that if an ingredient is on that list, even if a company says they don't test on animals, that ingredient IS tested on animals. There are over 1000's chemicals in production in cosmetics alone as we speak.

3) Stop using chemical laden cleaning products, instead opt for companies that manufacture green cleaning products, such as: Nature Direct or Murchison Hume. Again there will be people who insist those chemical laden products work better, smell better, require less elbow grease. You have a choice. Reduce chemicals that cause cancer and put some hard yakka into your cleaning or not.

4) Purchase organic / chemical free produce even if it costs more. Do what it takes to reduce the amount of chemicals you and your family are exposed to, to reduce the amount of chemicals in use around the world today. Or grow as much produce, herbs, fruits etc as you can, or start a community garden that doesn't use pesticides.

5) Quit smoking. Not because smoking is bad for you - most smokers are addicted and find it hard to find a good enough reason to stop.  Do it because you want the chemicals involved in making cigarettes to stop being produced. Quit smoking so you can force companies into changing their action plans.

6) Use safe sunscreens (as approved by the Environmental Working Group - EWG). Apply sunscreen daily and wash off daily. Spend 10 minutes a day outside to build up your bodies natural defense against cancer, vitamin D.

7) Use green eco friendly washing liquid (such as soap nuts) or plain water with a few drops of essential oils. Wash new clothes before wearing them to reduce the amount of chemicals that will leach into your body when you where these new garments.

8) Don't purchase those cheap and nasty trinket toys and other gadgets that don't last very long. Don't purchase stuff you don't actually need. Hold on to gadgets that do last even if they're updated to the latest, fastest, betterest version. This adds to production of chemicals and the destruction of the earth.

NOTE: There is little point in you donating any funds towards cancer research / cure if you are NOT doing these things because you're only adding to the problem of over production of chemicals in every day life.

Think about that and let me know what other steps can we take to fight cancer?

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