Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Clearing Out The Crap

It may surprise you to know that I wasn't always a natural skin care guru! Once upon a time I used the same dodgy stuff (i.e. chemical filled rubbish) as everyone else.

Once upon a time I was as naive as the next person when it came to personal care products being FULL of harmful chemicals. Without giving it a second thought I simply purchased these items and used them because: 1) TV and people told me to and 2) No-one advised me they weren't safe.

It's a simple mistake that many of us make. The TV commercials make it look all so enticing. Our friends use the products and swear by them. Our mum's give us products to use in our teens and we continue to use them as adults. Then we pass the same things onto our friends and children to use.

Much as teens and young adults (and even older adults) are doing today I was simply unaware of the dangers of chemicals in skin care. Chemicals in products was not discussed among friends or on TV. Even today with more hype about it than ever before there are still billions and gazillions of people unaware that the products they're using are harmful to themselves, the environment and their loved ones. (And some people don't want to know about the dangers that lurk in their beauty products because it's easier to stay in the dark).

The above picture is of me cleaning my bathroom cabinet out a couple of years ago - and to be honest I really didn't have a great deal of nasty stuff, thankfully. Then again one could argue that even one harmful product is one too many.

Here is a list of chemicals to look out for. If your personal care (and cleaning products) contain any of these ingredients it's time for a fresh start! Aside from skin care, if you want to know of other safe brands to use let me know and I'll be happy to give advice.

When did you first learn about hazardous chemicals in skin care?
Have you done a clean out of your bathroom cabinet to rid yourself of these badies?

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  1. Fabulous post Jodi. It's such a good feeling to have a clean-out :)

  2. Thanks Monique. Couldn't agree more. Having good clean out - and not just for beauty products - is good for the soul :)