Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Skin Care While Camping

When you think of camping you hardly think of skin care in the same sentence.

If you’re like me, when you go camping you take the bare necessities, food, esky, tent, children, husband, sleeping bags, a shovel, hats.
When it comes to the beauty side of things the foundation, lipstick, hair spray, perfume and rouge are all left at home.  Maybe the eyeliner is brought along although it doesn’t end up getting used.

By the end of the camping trip all that smoke and great outdoors has left your skin and pores looking worse for ware.  Your blackhead count has increased considerably.

Even though camping is not about beauty there are some things you can do to take care of your skin while your in the great outdoors.  Wearing a hat and staying out of the sun is one of them.

For me there are a couple of beauty necessities I HAVE to have when camping.

Our little one still wears nappies at night time.  Should he end up with a nappy rash the salve relieves redness and discomfort immediately and heals very quickly, so he gets to camp in comfort.

If we’re bitten by mozzies, as is usually the case regardless of how many incense sticks we have around, the salve stops the itch almost instantly.

The salve is perfect for moisturising children’s tender skin.

If you burn yourself on the grill while cooking this salve will soothe the burn and stop the pain.

The lippy may be left at home so I’m not getting around in pouty red lips while camping, however, the Lip Balm is a must for keeping my lips moistened.  Applied morning, noon and night.

When ever I remember I apply a light layer of Light Moisturiser.  Though I do confess I remember once towards the end up the trip.

This is actually one of my favourite things to bring and use while camping.  All the smoke, ash and dirt play havoc with my skin and without the luxury of running water and showers there is little to clean my skin with.  Yes I could use baby wipes (but just between you and me… do you know what’s in those things!).

I like to apply the toner to an exfoliating glove (yes I bring along an exfoliating glove), then gently massage the toner over my face exfoliating as I go.  Not only is my skin left feeling really smooth, it is clean and clear.  You can also wipe your face and body down with the cleansing toner on a face washer or cotton balls.

I apply moisturiser after I have cleansed my skin with the toner.

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