Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The Truth About 'Other' Moisturisers

You ask anyone who has been using natural skin care for a long period of time (6+ months) and they will tell you their skin has never looked so good.  Many who make the switch have used mainstream cosmetics and skin care products for years, so they're in a really good position when they tell you their skin looks amazing and they'll never switch back.

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What does this say about mainstream moisturisers?  For the most part they have some similar moisturising ingredients and properties - though they may contain petroleum based ingredients which do little to moisturise our skin, as well as all the fancy chemicals they put in their products: claiming to have NEW and IMPROVED formulas - for example argireline (acetyl hexapeptide-3).  This builds up hype for an old product so it can be re-sold as something more impressive.  That's not to say that these fancy man made chemicals don't do as they say, get deep into the skin with their nanotechnology etc.  They most likely do.  Enough bunnies have suffered at the hands of man to prove that it works.  And each year more and more new improve synthetic and potentially toxic ingredients are created to sell more moisturisers.  It's just that these fancy chemicals are not really better for us (i.e. good for us) than products that don't contain them.  They sound better, they sound impressive, they sound like amazingly wonderful scientific discoveries.  And who knows, perhaps they are?  You might be lulled into believing mainstream moisturisers are better than a natural moisturiser because "the adds say so" - and fear not as you're not the only one tricked into believing the hype.

The truth is it's not a better product than a natural moisturiser because it contains these fancy chemicals.  For one thing nanotechnology also means more toxins get deeper into our skin which is NOT a good thing.  As mentioned, natural skin care has the same moisturising properties as mainstream* skin care, yet without all the icky stuff and the adverse effects this stuff has on our skin and bodies, i.e. build up of toxins in our skin cells, eczema, psoriasis etc.  [see this VIDEO on how the chemicals build up in our skin system and are passed on to our babies before they're even born.
So it's no wonder those that are making the switch to natural skin care (truly genuine natural skin care - not pretend natural) are seeing the benefits and noticing the difference in the appearance of their skin.  They've made the switch to skin care that REALLY DOES moisturise, hydrate and reduce fine lines because the wholesome ingredients in them are designed by nature to do just this!

So don't be fooled by what you see on TV and what the superstars are PAID to tell you.  Switching to natural skin care is considerably better for you and your skin.  If you're not already using natural skin care what is stopping you?

*mainstream skin care refers to products that are not made fresh upon order and are able to sit on store shelves for long periods of time because they have ingredients in them (synthetic chemicals) that allow them to be stored indefinitely.  Did you purchase your skin care from a store?  Then most likely it is not natural / 100% natural even if it is claimed to be.

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