Friday, 30 March 2012

Let's be Racist For a Moment

Not that type of racism.  Rather let's discuss race, skin type and the moisturisers most suited to each race.
Asian skin
Asian = skin type: normal to dry, may have moderately sensitive skin, not often prone to breakouts.

* If you are of Asian descent the moisturiser most suited to this skin type is Rich Cream Moisturiser for both Men and Women.  Rich Cream readily absorbs into this type of skin without sitting heavily on the surface.  Helps to keep pores in excellent condition and aids is keeping pores minimalised (which can sometimes  be a concern for this skin type).  Deeply hydrating the skin and preventing that feeling of dry tight skin.  Rich Cream is a long lasting moisturiser suitable for sensitive skin while being richly moisturising.

English skin
English (Scottish, English, Irish etc.) = skin type: pale with freckles, dry, in need of lots of hydration, usually very sensitive skin and not often prone to breakouts, though very prone to onset of wrinkles and fine lines.

* If you are of English decent, both young or mature, the moisturiser most suited to this skin type is Whipped Cream Moisturiser [vegan].  Whipped Cream is deeply hydrating, specially formulated to benefit very dry and/or mature skin and tackle fine lines and wrinkles.  The essential oils within this cream are perfect for use on sensitive skin.

Mediterranean skin
Mediterranean = skin type: oily skin, highly prone to acne and breakouts.  The beauty of this skin type is that it is less likely to show signs of ageing and will usually look younger for longer.  The trick is to find a balance between hydrating the skin and not clogging the pores with a moisturiser that is too rich - thus potentially causing breakouts.

* If you are of Mediterranean decent (even if mixed race) the moisturiser most suited to this skin type is Light Moisturiser [vegan].  As the name suggests Light Moisturiser is light and delicate on the skin, readily absorbs into this skin type without being too rick or thick and won't clog pores.  The essential oils and ingredients in this moisturiser also have pimple fighting properties and won't cause an over production of oil during the day.  Light Moisturiser is also suitable for sensitive skin (you will find most of JOLI's products beneficial for sensitive skin) and combination skin.

Note: Use the above as a guide and reference point.  You may be a blend of races and skin types.  You might find a blend of moisturisers suitable for your needs.

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