Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Stretch Mark Cream ~ product testing

As women and mother’s we know stretch marks are normal.  Many people get them and still there is a stigma about having stretch marks.  Joli does not want to down play the naturalness of stretch marks or the beauty in where they come from; becoming a woman and becoming a mother.  Stretch marks have been lovingly referred to as ‘baby marks’ by some, which is such a wonderful perspective to place on these natural signs that say “I’ve been pregnant and it was a beautiful experience”.
Even so many of us have often wished we didn’t have them.  We’ve also seen celebrities who don’t have them, who are wearing bikinis jut weeks after having their babies and we’re wondering how they did it.  Are all celebrities genetically blessed to not get stretch marks or is there some secret ‘you beaut and wonderful’ product they’re all privy too that we don’t know about?

It is said that stretch marks are genetic and if your mum didn’t get them you won’t either and vice versa, however, there are many women who have burst the bubble on this theory.  So, when it comes to a woman’s pregnancy it is difficult to know for sure if she will or won’t be prone to stretch marks.
When it came to testing Joli’s, Stretch Mark Cream it was important that results could be verified.  Test results needed to factor in variables such as genetics, and those who are prone to stretch marks and those who are not.  It is easy enough to test Stretch Mark Cream on many first time pregnancies with the women not getting stretch marks during their pregnancy – which has been the case.  Does this prove the Stretch Mark Cream works?  Or were all of the women tested simply not prone to stretch marks in the first place?  To verify test results Joli did some reverse testing.  Here are some case study results:

Case Study #1.
The woman in this reverse testing case study used Stretch Mark Cream for her very first pregnancy and was pleased to report that she did not get any stretch marks.  At this stage it is easy to celebrate and say, “Yes, it worked” and stop there.  However, in a reverse testing case the next step is to find out weather the woman in this case study was prone to stretch marks or not.  To test this: for her second pregnancy the woman did not use Joli’s Stretch Mark Cream and results were noted.  In the case of her second pregnancy she did get stretch marks, which means. 1. she is prone to stretch marks, and 2. using Stretch Mark Cream during her first pregnancy was a significant contributing factor in her not getting stretch marks.

Case Study #2.
The woman in this reverse testing case study did not use Stretch Mark Cream for her first or second pregnancies.  In both cases the results were noted: the woman’s stretch marks were severe, more so during her second pregnancy.  This shows that not only is this woman prone to stretch marks, she is also prone to getting new stretch marks with each pregnancy.  The reverse testing on this woman consisted of her using stretch mark cream for her third pregnancy and noting the results the third time around.  Much to the woman’s delight she did not get any new stretch marks during her third pregnancy (though the old ones could still be seen, somewhat faded).  What’s more is the appearance of previous stretch marks were noticeably improved both during and after her pregnancy.

[2nd pregnancy at 8 months - 3rd pregnancy at 8 months - post birth baby belly]

What these reverse test results show is that Joli’s Stretch Mark Cream [one of the richest cocoa butter formulations on the market] is highly beneficial for those who are prone to getting stretch marks and those who already have them, and is significant in aiding with stretch mark prevention during pregnancy.

*Note: Stretch Mark Cream is currently unavailable for purchase. 

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