Tuesday, 12 April 2011

I Love All Things Skin Care

This being my first post I thought I should begin by talking about why I chose to work in the skin care industry.  From early childhood I remember my mum offering me advice about always moisturising my elbows and telling me to remember my hands and decolletage because they are the areas that show the first signs of aging.

At age 14 I was moisturising daily.  Not that I needed wrinkle prevention back then although it is actually beneficial to rehydrate the skin no matter what your age.  By mid teens I had a regular beauty routine of steaming my face, washing my wash, toning and applying moisturiser.  A couple of times a week I would use a facial scrub.  I was dedicated to my good skin routine rarely missing a night.  I still had my breakouts no matter how thorough I cleaned my skin and no matter how much chocolate I didn't eat!

As the years progressed my list of beauty routines grew and grew (most of which I mentioned in the Top to Toe Body Care book by Joli).  Once a month I would indulge in a long hot bubble bath lie back and enjoy the soak until the water got cold.  Then I would wash my hair, scrub my body to remove dead skin cells and pumice my feet.  My beauty regime didn't end when I was out of the bath.  I would then apply an oil or lotion and begin to massage my thighs and buttocks with a wooden massage brush.  Promoting blood flow to those areas to aid with cellulite prevention, then apply a firming lotion.
I have always been obsessed with not having those hard cracked heels on my feet and with trying to prevent cellulite as much as is humanly possible.  My feet are still in very good condition.  I have noticed as I age my skin is becoming less firm causing the onset of cellulite.  Yet for the most part and considering my age I have starved off cellulite for quite some years just from sheer dedication to my thigh massaging.
I also comb and brush my hair in a particular way to avoid split ends and give myself manicures.

As you can see I am obsessed with all things beauty.  Not to be mistaken for perfection.  Beauty is not about looking like a super model or even liking what you see in the mirror necessarily.  It's not about being a girly girl either (I am a self confessed Tom Boy).  Beauty is about looking after your skin, your body, your hair, your nails.  Beauty is about pampering yourself and the more you pamper yourself the better you feel.
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