Monday, 28 April 2014

Not Enough 'Natural' Salons

One of my personal gripes is I can't get facials done due to the lack of salons using *natural skin care*. Many salons use products they think are natural or close to, that are "dermatologically tested" which people seem to think means *safe*, however I know different.

And while I'm sure there are salons out there who are using genuine natural skin care none of those places are near by and I don't know of them personally.  Therefore I rarely get facials even though I love them and find them so relaxing and rejuvenating to the spirit - that pampered down time just does it for me.

On the odd occasion that I do get a facial or other treatments I'm always aware (I know too much) that I am buying into the production and disposal of BAD ingredients like propylene glycol, alcohol and parebens (which are usually in these dermatologically tested products).  No thank you!

I've got a plan in the works to help combat this.  I'm in the process of completing a beauty course - cert 3 - so I can open my own JOLI salon, giving people pampering facials and other treatments with my own pure natural skin care.  How exciting is that!

Naturally these courses take a while to complete and I won't be fully trained until late this year, after which the general public will have a wonderful space they can come to, to relax and be pampered... Naturally!

In the mean time you have access to your own personal JOLI salon and can give yourself a DIY facial!

JOLI natural beauty salon

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