Monday, 21 October 2013

DIY Aftershave Lotion

125ml spritz or splash bottle
 25ml vodka 
100ml water
5 drops sandalwood eo
3 drops bergamot eo
3 cedarwood eo
  • Place all ingredients in your bottle.  Attach lid and leave to sit on a windowsill for 2 weeks.  Shake daily.
  • After 2 weeks pour contents into a jar, rinse your bottle with warm water, place a coffee filter over the opening of your bottle and re-pour the contents into the bottle - filtering.
  • Aftershave lotion is now ready to use.
 The vodka in this recipe is a soft level alcohol that helps preserve the essential oils.  It also disinfects the skin and helps heal wounds should there be any shaving cuts.  It might sting a little when applied.  You can double the quantity of essential oils if you want a stronger scent.

Another useful product is Soothing Salve.  Apply to skin after shaving to relieve redness, wounds and in grown hairs.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Effects Being Sick Has On Your Skin

For the second time this year I found myself under the weather and bed ridden for three days.  On the one hand being ill only twice this year isn't so bad, then again... maybe twice is a bad sign of a poor immune system?

There I was sweating it out under the doona while my body waged a war with the invading virus.  Heating up the body causes the virus to die off, so I've heard, it cannot withstand hot temperatures.  Of course there is a fine line we don't want to cross since heating up our bodies too much can be a health hazard.  Still, I've always been one for the 'sweating it out' method.  Is this how you fight your viruses?

Both times I rose from my death bed (the hot sweating depths of my crumpled doona) to find my skin literally flaking and peeling off my face.  Reason being, in one word: dehydration!  It's hard to take care of your skin when you're fighting a virus and feel like you're dying (I've got my mum's voice in my ear saying "You're not dying, you'll live.")  It's a struggle just to get up and go to the toilet let alone have any semblance of looking after your skin, or even yourself.

Admittedly, get your violin out, in my household when I'm sick no-one comes to me and asks me if I need anything, a cup of tea? water?  So for the most part my lying in bed sweating it out was a lonely affair made extra special with delirious dreams about needing things to be in a line before I could feel better.  Plus the odd squabbling of my children whom I'd have to drag myself out of bed for to kind-of sort-of look after every now and again.

On the odd occasion that I did manage to drag myself into the kitchen for a cup of hot tea I was so sick I could barely swallow.  Point being, I didn't manage to drink a great deal during those bed ridden days, where as all that sweating it out was causing my body to lose vast amounts of H2O.  Much to the detriment of my skin.  Especially now that I'm getting older, I find the effects of dehydration much worse.

When I was finally up and at 'em or thereabouts I exfoliated the dead skin cells, followed by a gentle cleans then gave myself a good dose of Skin Serum to help regenerate and heal my sick skin.  My skin will now take a few days to recover from the effects of dehydration and again this takes longer as we age.
I also filled up a large water bottle with water and lemon juice ice cubes to drink.  It would be nice if the lemon water was provided to me by my loving caring family, and I will suggest this to them for next time, though I won't hold my breath.  Had I realised I would be struck down for a few days I'd have had the water bottle beside my bed at the ready.

In short being sick has a dehydrating effect on your skin and it is important to keep up your water levels when fighting a virus.

*   *   *
Does your family take good care of you when you're sick?  Are you one of the lucky ones who has someone come in and ask you if you need anything or is your situation more like mine: you take care of everyone else while they forget about you when you're ill?