Sunday, 4 August 2013

September Gift Box GIVEAWAY!!


Winner will receive a gift box full of gorgeous goodies valued at over $100 (details below)

~ You might be familiar with the TV commercials where someone hands someone a wrap or burger (shows how much I'm paying attention) and the quotes are about making the best of a BAD situation; your newly single status, didn't get the promotion again, I took the credit for your work. ~

For this comp - Yes... you'll have to participate to WIN!! - JOLI would like you to tell us what bad (aka: can be seen as humorous/positive) situation you need congratulating, thank your, sorry for putting up with.

e.g. maybe you need it for:
Your baby's first poo smearing all over their room.
Your child pooing in the bath.
Your dog/cat urinating in your favourite shoes...

You get the idea - if not let us know and we'll help you out.

Entry Conditions.
1. Australian residents only. We do not ship overseas.
2. You can Like the pages contributing prizes to the gift box.
3. You can Like and share the gift box giveaway posts on Facebook (you'll need people to VOTE on the winning comment).
4. Subscribe to a little fortnightly Indulgence - & receive a product sample while you're at it.
5. you MUST post your comment on THIS blog (50 words or less). No need to have a google / blog account to do so. You can begin leaving your comment on the blog NOW.

Begins Monday 9th Sept - ENDS Friday 11th October

Second part of the comp is to get people VOTE on your fabulous comment/entry.
1. To VOTE click Reply under the comment you wish to vote on and write the word VOTE!
2. VOTES for a winner begin Monday 7th October and you have until the 11th October to get as many votes as you can.


NOTE: any comments with links to other websites will not be published.


  1. MOCK entry (to give you an idea):

    "Thank you wife for all the times you've put up with my 'Dutch Ovens' in bed xo"

    Written from your point of view about something that happens in your life that you need to win a prize for putting up with ;)

  2. Thank you Mum for all those 3am snuggles we have together instead of me sleeping in my cot

  3. Thank you kids for scratching my car with a paver, painting and drawing on the walls (plus writing your name on the door, tearing holes in the fly screen and sticking food in the DVD player. You've helped me understand the true definition of DESTRUCTION!

  4. Learning the meaning of a sense of humour when you have kids - My Miss4 and I were in a busy public toilet. I had been given underwear with cartoon characters on them. My daughter very loudly yells "Mummy you have 'Pooh' on your pants!".

  5. Thank you honey bunny for putting up with my annoyingness (as you call it) after coming home from a 'few to many' drinks with the boys.

  6. Thanks Mum for not dying of embarrassment!
    When my eldest was 2 he was fascinated that everyone in the house besides me (mum) had a doodle/penis. Concerned greatly he’d loudly announce every outing without fail to staff serving us that
    "My mummy doesn’t have a doodle anymore, It fell off!"

    1. Things kids say, hey... Good luck , hope you win..