Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Cleopatra Did It Naturally, So Can YOU

Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra
Cleopatra VII was an intelligent and charismatic, enticing and very alluring woman. It is said that she had the most beautiful skin with a very comprehensive beauty regime.

The types of ingredients she used for her skin care were sea salt, frankincense oil, honey, milk, apple cider vinegar, clay, herbs, aloe and beeswax - just to name a few.

There was no agiraline, propylene glycol, AHA, DEA, SLS, mineral oil or any other man made synthetic ingredient and she looked amazing!

It is a myth that these new fangdangle ingredients make products more luxurious or better for you and your skin. In fact the opposite is true, when you use natural skin care the results are better and last longer.

JOLI want you to have the luxury Queen Cleopatra had, natural skin care designed to have your skin looking amazing and you feeling luxuriously pampered!

Some products Queen Cleopatra would have loved to indulge in: 

Bath Salts Serenity - JOLI

Rose Bath Milk - JOLI
Rich Cream Moisturiser  - JOLI
Deluxe Bath Serum - JOLI

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