Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The Many Uses for Soothing [Eczema] Salve

One the benefits to using JOLI products is that many of them are versatile and offer a range of different uses.  One of our most versatile products is our Soothing Salve [formally Eczema Salve].

Here is a list of all the versatile uses for this one very handy product:

* Eczema, to moisturise the skin and relieve itching and redness.  Eczema is caused by the bodies inability to moisturise itself.  It is very important and worth while to keep skin moisturised with Soothing Salve.

JOLI Soothing Salve for rashes
* Psoriasis, apply to scalp where psoriasis occurs.

* Mozzie and insect bites, quickly eliminates the itchiness and irritation of bites.

* Baby moisturiser, to soothe baby and moisturise skin after bathing, and any time during the day or before bed.

* Dry skin, apply to patches of dry flaky skin, e.g. around the eyes, for instant miosturisation.

JOLI Soothing Salve for exzema
* Sleep (you know that crusty buildup that occurs around eye lashes), apply salve lightly to eye lashes before bedtime to reduce 'sleep'.

* Conjunctivitis (or pink eye) caused by allergies or itching, apply salve to itchy and irritated eye area to relieve the urge to scratch.

* Tattoos, recently had a tattoo done or thinking about getting "ink"?  Soothing Salve can be applied to tattooed area to aid with skin healing and keeping skin moisturised, also stops scabs from itching.

* Baby bottom balm, apply to angry red rash to soothe redness and soreness without any stinging sensation.

* Cradle cap, looking for a natural alternative to cradle cap creams, apply Soothing Salve, specially formulated to be gentle on babies skin.

* After shaving, apply salve to aid in relief of itchy skin and reduce ingrown hairs.

* Burned yourself while cooking, hit your arm on the rim of a hot pot?  Apply Soothing Salve to quickly reduce the sting and redness.

JOLI Soothing Salve for new tattoos

*      *      *
On any given day customers will contact JOLI telling of others uses they've found for this product.  It really is a most versatile, useful product, very handy to have on hand.  We carry our tub with us every where and never leave home without it.

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