Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Decolletage ~ A Neglected Body Part

Emily Symon plays Marilyn Chambers in Home and Away. She is 44 years old and for all appearances looks to be in her mid 30's. She is a stunning woman who has looked after her skin well, she barely looks a day older than when she first appeared on Home and Away.

Emily Symon
Like the rest of us, Emily will become prone to those creases we get on our decolletage above our breasts. Sadly these creases are a natural part of aging and tend to show our true age regardless of how well we've looked after our skin. Primarily because our decolletage is a very neglected body part. It's also one of those body parts we should look after the most!

How often do you ponder your decolletage? How often do you do anything beauty related to yours? Is it some long forgotten body part, sparing only a thought about what necklace to wear to cover it, or what top to wear to expose it? Or do you think of your decolletage and pamper it often?

look after your decolletage

Your decolletage is one of those body parts, like your hands and elbows, that shows your age long before your face does. Take notice of how many older ladies you know who have lovely skin, yet the skin on their neck and decolletage is wrinkled, dry and neglected. Consider also our decolletage is quite often, if not all the time, exposed to wind, sun, water - which has a dramatic ageing effect.

Here are some easy pampering tips for you to indulge in to keep your decolletage looking its best.

1. Exfoliate your decolletage frequently. Every 2nd or 3rd day or at least once a week. This ensures the dead cells that build up on the surface of your skin are scrubbed away exposing fresh radiant more youthful skin.

2. Apply Toner to your decolletage, either in a spritz or dabbed onto a cotton ball and wiped cross your skin. Toner tightens and refreshes your skin and cleans away daily grime. Do this often!

3. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! Very important. Cannot stress this enough! Moisturiser your decolletage (and neck) daily, even twice daily with a suitable moisturiser such as Whipped Cream to keep those creases at bay. Before bed is also a good time to moisturise this area.

4. When going out for a special occasion or a night on the town dust some silver mica (or mineral makeup powder) onto your decolletage. The sparkle gives you a glowing youthful look with a touch of glamour, and helps disguise the creases.

5. Keep your decolletage covered up as much as possible - either high collared clothing, a scarf etc. - to limit the exposure to the elements and only exposure your decolletage on special occasions.

Do you have any decolletage tips you'd like to share with us. Please comment below. AND remember the reactions buttons x

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