Thursday, 3 May 2012

Ads, Lies and Video Tapes = False Advertising

false advertising anti ageing - you too could look this young if you're 20 or with photoshop

There are no rules or strict guidelines regarding what advertisers can show and how they represent a product.

False advertising is everywhere you look.  From weight loss to fast food, from healthy hair to mascara.

E.G. ~ Computer generated images of before and after hair shots where the hair and the person have not moved an inch yet the hair is magically better.  No actual – true and real – before and after shots.
E.G. ~ Ab Circle Pro ads where a large man or a woman is on the machine and suddenly they become lean and buff before your eyes thanks to computer graphics and two totally different people.

[funny how Sarah and Jess are the same person]
E.G. ~ Light and Easy tell us that a family of 4 (mum, dad, 2 children) use their meal plan “for the same price as what we’d pay in a supermarket” and they’re allowed to tell that little white lie (or that a big fat lie) regardless of the fact that Light and Easy costs around $120 per person [I know this because I have a friend who uses Light and Easy].  Assuming it is cheaper for children that is still a cost of around $360 per week.  I know very few families of 4 who spend that kind of money on groceries each week.  If they do it also includes cleaning goods, nappies, dog food and all manner of other items not supplied by Light and Easy.

E.G. ~ Fast food always looks bigger and better and less greasy in ads.  In reality the food looks far less appetizing.

E.G. ~ Pro Active using celebrity endorsements such as Jessica Simpson, Katy Perry, Delta Goodrem and Vanessa Amorosi who all have gorgeous skin telling us that it worked for their ‘bad’ skin and will work for our bad skin.  It may well do wonders for acne skin however using celebrities who may have mild break outs on occasion doesn’t compare to  the severity and reality of acne.

wonder jocks

E.G. ~ Mascara commercials where the woman is wearing false eye lashes and they're allowed to claim that the mascara is what is giving her lashes such volume.

E.G. ~ Weight loss photos where they have squashed or stretched a photo to make a person look fatter or skinnier.

false advertising weight loss

E.G. ~ Not to forget of course all the retouching that goes on in the photographs we see.

* * *

People who work in advertising reason that the consumer (us) know its all fake therefore it’s not wrong to use false advertising. 

We may know it to be false however people still believe the end result is a FAIR representation of what the finished result or product will be.  Certainly the end result SHOULD be a fair representation of what the end result WILL be.

We WANT the same miraculous results.
What are you views of today's method of advertising?  Does it sucker you right in?  Do you think the method is fair to consumers or is it damaging?  Love to hear your views so please leave a comment :)

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