Sunday, 15 April 2012

Natural Beauty Comp ~ entry #3


I did the nakedness for a bit of a giggle and because its not something I would normally do. T'was awkward and scary but liberating :)

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  1. VOTE! Because CJ definately went out of her comfort zone to show off what natural beauty is all about.

  2. VOTE This should win because of the lovely idyllic setting chosen, it looks so comfy there!

  3. VOTE - I love this pic as the person is obviously very comfortable with their body and self image, which I 100% admire. Well done!

  4. VOTE! I know this lady, and she should win. People who step outside of their comfort zone by doing things like this magnify their natural beauty. Because we all know that confidence is %100 sexy!

    1. I agree. Confidence is 100% sexy and stepping out of our comfort zone is and 100% beautiful and courageous. We should all do so at least once in our lives.