Tuesday, 5 March 2013

New Look Website ~ JOLI Natural Skin Care

I'm not sure if you've noticed JOLI Natural Skin Care are in the process of creating a whole new look website.

After calling out for independent reviews of the current website and getting some informative and valuable feedback JOLI decided it was time for an upgrade.

One of the things that was mentioned, and that I personally didn't like about the previous website, is the shopping cart was created by a different developer than the main website.  This meant that when you moved from the main area to the Shop you were taken to what looked like a completely different site.  Although it was all under the jolinatural.com.au URL the different look might have left customers feeling apprehensive, wondering if they had been redirected to some other site.

The new look website will have the shop and all relevant pages under the one site so there will be no feeling of being redirected.

The new look website will be cleaner and easier on the eye with some vibrant colours and imagery, and will also offer Guest Checkout, i.e. customers won't have to login or create an account in order to place an order.  A quicker way to shop.  Of course, those who set up an account will benefit from our Customer Loyalty Rewards and receive discounts on subsequent orders (offered only to those with accounts) and they will have access to their order information.

On the flip side.  If you had an account on the previous JOLI website you will no longer have access to your old account.  Though, rest assured, at JOLI we keep a record of what Customer Loyalties you're up to so you won't lose out in that regard.  Those who are VIP's will still enjoy their VIP benefits and we will be introducing a NEW VIP Club where you'll be eligible for considerable discounts when you sign up.

As of 1pm 6th March 2013 the website is still parked while we wait for security to be installed, and should be viewable with in a few hours (so we're told).  After which it will take a little while for the store to be up and running, still lots to implement behind the scenes.  You will see a notification that the website is not taking sales.  In the meantime orders can be placed via email and our Facebook Shop.

That is our exciting news for now.  We thank you for being part of our journey and would love to hear your thoughts on our new website.

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