Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Pink Washing for Cancer Awareness/Cure

Where do JOLI stand when it comes to cancer foundations, fund raising events and pink this and that?  Well it might surprise you to know that pink washing (the art of making something pink and selling it to the population in order to boost product sales under the premise that money will be donated to some cancer fund or another) doesn't sit well with us.

Many of these pink products contain chemicals in them that are known carcinogens.  Which is like saying "We'll donate money to a charity that brings forth cancer awareness / cure from the sale of this product that causes cancer in the first place." or "We'll donate money to go towards the very companies that produces these chemicals to begin with."

Caner awareness?  Cure for cancer?  What is that?  And where is finding and eliminating or even reducing the CAUSE in all this?  Cancer is on the rise even with all these fund raising events (and rest assured humanity donates copious amounts of money every year!  Almost all of the funds raised to cure cancer comes from the public making donations even though the pharmaceutical companies who make billions of dollars a year fund only 2%).  Yet, cancer is still not abating.

We are more aware of cancer now than ever before because so many of us are have been touched by cancer in some form or another.  With so many chemicals in so many different things, and with us being born with these chemicals  (even obsolete ones) in our blood streams, how can we not be.

As for a CURE for cancer, most money raised goes towards research for better drugs to make the cancer go away once a person has it.  Don't get me wrong, medicines that treat a person efficiently and kill off the cancer is a wonderful development and we have come leaps and bounds in this field.  Money raised also aids those who cannot afford the medications and treatments.
Still  I'm fairly certain that many of us are aware that part of the root cause of cancer is ALL the chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis... yet,

large cosmetic corporations use known carcinogens and anticancer drugs are tested on animals
No-one is shouting from the roof tops DITCH THE CHEMICALS so that cancer can abate.  No-one is shouting from the roof tops WE'LL STOP USING THESE CHEMICALS and see if cancer rates decline.  No-one is shouting from the roof tops WE'LL STOP USING THESE CHEMICALS "AND" donate money towards finding the root cause of cancer. 

The bottom line for me is unless and until these CANCER cure, awareness, companies ARE protesting against the use of CHEMICALS in our skin care products, cleaning products, foods, meats, clothing, furniture etc. there is little point in donating for a cure.  It's not good enough!

Many people who host a pink event are happy to have products that contain known carcinogens because many products are donated and they'll take what they can get to boost attendance / fundraising.  Some cancer beauty facilities will accept products from L'Oreal etc. even though these products contain known carcinogens.  Because they rely on donations for their business to survive.  Big companies can afford to DONATE vast quantities of products, which in turns boosts their reputation, which in turn boosts their sales, which in turn boosts the rate of cancer causing agents getting into people's systems.

When it comes to fund raising events, many of the people who attend or participate in these events use products laden with chemicals.  Maybe it's their haircare products or their aftershave, or their skin care, their makeup, their cleaning products.  Or maybe it's the chemicals in the meat they eat, or the chemicals sprayed on their fruit and vegetables.  Chemicals in the tin and plastic packaging.  What ever it is... they're using products that contain chemicals that cause the VERY THING they're hoping to find a cure for.  Seems a little bit out of sorts to me.  They would be better off ditching these types of products altogether so that the companies that produce the chemicals no longer have a monopoly, thus reducing the amount of chemicals manufactured.  Maybe then chemicals can be phased out and we can see what happens to cancer rates.

At JOLI we feel it is more important to educate people about hazardous chemicals in products and help people make informed choices.  Offering alternatives, offering ideas and DIY recipes.  This is our way of reducing cancer among people.  This is our way of contributing to the cancer (and chemical) crisis society currently faces.  We would love to say we support pink events, such as World's Greatest Shave and Australia's Biggest Morning Tea, because the intent behind such events and the people who host them is really quite inspiring.  However, unless we know our contribution goes directly towards reducing the amount of chemicals produced and used then, sadly, it's moot point.

These anti cancer foundations / events need to put their mouths where there money is and demand the use of chemicals be banned, they need to stop supporting companies like Monsanto who produce medicines to fix cancer once you've got it, yet also produce the vast amounts of chemicals we're exposed to daily.

You should also READ: Who Tests on Animals (also covers who uses hazardous ingredients in their products.

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When making enquiries about JOLI donating products and samples to special causes, charities and events please be aware that JOLI have a few select charities and events they regularly support and sponsor. All of whom are intimately familiar with JOLI products and services.  If you are not intimately familiar with our products (i.e. don't use them, recommend then etc.) it would be unwise to request a donation of products you are unfamiliar with.


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  1. Well said! Anyone checked the ingredient list on Cancer Council Sunscreen.. contains ingredients known to cause cancer... Its a business.