Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Independent Ahh Bra Review

I know you’re all curious.  Many of us have seen the commercials and wondered about the Ahh Bra.  Is it all it’s cracked up to be?

Well here is an independent review (by independent we mean it’s not written by someone who sells or endorses the product).  Neither do JOLI endorse or denounce the Ahh Bra.

*  *  *

"When I first put the bra on it really was an ‘ahhh’ moment.  The bras are seamless with no tags to itch, straps to fall down or hooks to do up.  The bras are stretchy and comfortable and bounce right back when you wash them (I wash in cold water – don’t know if that makes a difference).

The bra gives very little support.  You could not exercise in it and even walking you can feel yourself bouncing.  It’s like wearing a tight T.shirt under your clothes for all the support you get and it also looks like I don’t have a bra on at all.
On TV it looks like the bra lifts and shapes but it doesn’t really.  I stood next to a wall and marked the natural hang of my boobs.  Put the bra on and noticed the hang was pretty much the same.  It flattens my boobs out instead of giving me a nice rounded curve the way under wire bras do.

Customer service told me that wearing 2 bras gives more support or I could go for the next size down (I did shop for my top size).  If I wear 2 at a time there is more support and the lift is better.  Still couldn’t jog in them.  Not that you can jog in a normal bra anyway.

The adds say they won’t roll up.  They do roll a bit and they do creep up so the bottom of the bra wedges under my boobs and sits there even when I wear 2 bras at a time.  I always have to pull the bra back down.

Comfort rules though.  I pretty much wear the bras all the time, 2 if I’m going out, 1 if I’m staying home and I sleep in them sometimes too.  They are really comfortable and easier to put on than normal bras.

I don’t know what would happen to my boobs in old age if I only wear the Ahh Bra for the rest of my life.  Will I be more saggy or not?

Oh and I’m a around a 12b cup which I think is medium size.  My mum has some Ahh Bras as well and her experience is the same as mine."


  1. Thank you. It's nice to see a frank, unbiased opinion about the things of which sometimes seemingly outrageous claims are made on the telly. And I won't be getting one, now ~ nor two. :)Peter

  2. Thank you for your feedback Peter. I think it is important that people get to hear an independent review so they can make an informed choice.
    I would love to hear how other people how found the Ahh Bras as well.

  3. Ahh Bra is obviously a ladies lover to prevent the ladies very well protected. But are you aware that about 80Percent of females dress in an unacceptable bra fit.