Wednesday, 16 November 2011

DIY Christmas Baubles

Hand Made Christmas Baubles

You will need:
polystyrene or cardboard balls
PVA glue
bits of coloured paper
coloured ribbon
paint brushes
a couple of beer bottle caps

other ideas:
glitter glue
coloured sand

To begin, paint a section of the ball with PVA and apply your desired decoration (sequins, starts, bits of paper etc.)  Sit the ball on an up-side-down beer bottle cap and allow to dry.
Continue until the bauble is decorated to your or your children's desires.
When complete and dry, cut a piece of ribbon, dollop a small amount of glue onto the top of the bauble and secure the ribbon to the bauble by stabbing the pin through the ribbon and firmly into the ball.  Leave to dry.

Keep baubles for many years to come and children get to see their decorations hanging from the family Christmas tree.


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