Sunday, 25 September 2011

Herbal Shampoo Bar

Regular shampoos and conditioners leave product in your hair, coating your hair, and this product can build up over time.  You may have been to the hairdressers to get your hair coloured or permed and may have been asked if you use particular brands of shampoo.  This is because hairdressers know that certain brands leave product in your hair that can affect colouring and styling.

JOLI Herbal Shampoo Bar
Herbal Shampoo Bar is a natural alternative to mainstream shampoo and in most cases does not require conditioning afterward.  If you should require conditioner see below Leave-in Hair Detangler recipe.

The benefits to using Herbal Shampoo Bars instead of mainstream shampoos and conditioners, is that you get to alleviate all the product build up in your hair, in fact the shampoo bar helps break down current product build up on your hair leaving your hair and scalp free of build up.

After years of using mainstream shampoos, your scalp and hair may require from 3 to 7 days or more before adjusting to he natural formulation of  Herbal Shampoo Bars. If your hair should appear greasier, flatter or feel heavier after the first few washes this is normal. This is a good indication the shampoo bar is dissolving the build up left in your hair from use of mainstream shampoos. These symptoms will gradually disappear until your hair appears more voluminous and free of build up.
You will notice this does NOT occur with children who do not have the same amount of product build up in their hair.

[vegan] - scented with essential oils

DIY Recipe

Leave in Hair Detangler
·         50ml spritz bottle.
·         ½ - 1 teaspoon Rich Cream Moisturiser
·         water.

Place moisturiser in the spritz bottle and fill with water (leaving room to shake contents).  Shake contents thoroughly daily until cream amalgamates completely with water.  Spritz onto tangles and comb knots out.  Shake well before use.

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