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Acne ~ Tips for improving the appearance of blemished skin.

[various types of tea tree oil] 

Acne, pimples, breakouts, spots, zits, blemished skin.  There are a number of names to try and describe the various forms and severity of pimples.  Acne being at the more severe end of the spectrum.  Which ever blemished skin condition you have here are some tips to help reduce the symptoms: 1. unclog pores. 2. remove bacteria. 3. reduce oil.

* Cleanse.
Most people know about this already however here are some things you may not know.
-      It is important and highly beneficial to cleanse DAILY.  Missing just one day can be like taking 5 steps back in the care of your skin.  Cleansing washes away bacteria, an important part of keeping skin clear.
-         Not all skin cleanser are good for acne.  Some contain mineral oil that coats the skin causing blockages and therefore more blemishes.  Some cleansers strip the skin of natural oils causing your sebaceous glands to go into overdrive to produce more oil to keep your skin moisturised, thus causing more breakouts.  I have seen cases of skin worsening after purchasing potent over the counter acne cleansers.  Choose a gentle natural cleanser that removes dirt and oil without stripping your skin of its natural protective oils.
[recommended products Facial Wash Scrub made for oily or acne skin]

* Toner.
Toners clean away any soapy residue left over from the cleanser and also any residual makeup, dirt and grime and this further reduces the possibility of blocked pores.  Toners also help to shrink your pores which helps reduce bacteria getting into your pores.  Alcohol based toners strip your skin of important natural oils and may be too harsh for sensitive skin, however, one good point about alcohol based toners is the added benefit of killing off bacteria on the surface of your skin, and bacteria while not causing the blemish do play a role in the development of pimples.
If you don’t have any Toner dampen a cotton pad with cold water and wipe down your skin, repeating the process until the pad comes away clean (as you would also do with normal Toner).
[recommended product: Purifying Skin Toner, non alcohol based]

* Moisturise.
After cleansing and toning it is important to rehydrate the skin and not leave your skin dried out.  Choose a moisturiser that is not made with mineral oil because it will block your pores.  Choose a moisturiser not containing loads of additives that can aggravate your skin and cause flare ups.
I have seen cases where people cleanse their face with a potent acne cleanser and that’s all.  As a result there skin is worse within days because over active sebaceous glands are trying very hard to rehydrate their skin.  I have also seen a noticeable improvements once they start applying a suitable moisturiser.
[recommended product: Light Facial Moisturiser – lavender, rose geranium and sandalwood scents are beneficial for blemished skin]

* Tea Tree Oil.
Tea tree oil can be purchased from the supermarket or health food shop and can be applied directly to pimples with a cotton ball or cotton stick.  Tea tree oil is especially good for blemishes because of its antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties.  It is a natural remedy for acne.

* Makeup.
This is one primarily for the girls (although truth be told mineral makeup can also be beneficial for guys).  After all that cleansing and hydrating of skin you are undoing all your hard work if you follow through with mineral oil based makeup.  Mineral oil based makeup sits on the surface of your skin clogging pores and causing further breakouts.  Mineral oil and chemicals in makeup are not at all good for regular skin let alone acne blemished skin.  Choose a 100% natural mineral makeup to apply to your skin.
Additional benefits to mineral makeup: 1. They aid with healing the skin thus reducing the life span of blemishes and reducing scaring. 2. You don’t look like you’re wearing makeup while the coverage itself is thorough, which means that even males can dab on some mineral makeup over a pimple to hide its existence and no-one will be able to tell you’re wearing it.
[recommended product: CC Mineral Makeup, Oil Control – Balance]

* Dairy.
Have you ever watched Embarrassing Bodies?  They did a segment on the show about causes of acne and pimples and announced to the world something I’ve been saying for quite some time.  Chocolate and pizza, chips and soda are NOT predominant causes of breakouts.  While it is important you eat well to maintain healthy skin, junk food in itself is not the cause of blemishes.  Dairy on the other hand IS!  Diary products come from lactating cows.  Lactating cows have high levels of hormones coursing through their bodies and these hormones are in the dairy we consume.  Since hormones play a significant part in causing acne you hardly want to top yourself up with even more hormones (especially animal hormones not made for our bodies) on top of the ones you’re already producing.  Cut down your diary intake; swap your calcium from dairy to calcium from leafy greens, soy, tofu, fish.  Try it for a week or two and see what a difference it makes.

* Water.
Increase your water intake especially if you’re the type of person who tries to avoid water at all costs (like me).  Water helps keep the skin and body hydrated and maintains healthy skin.  Instead of reaching for a drink of milk, drink some water.  Instead of making yourself a cup of milky tea or coffee have a herbal tea without milk.

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