Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Bad Service - Reiki Practioner

  1. a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body and restore physical and emotional well-being.

This article is not so much about bad customer service and more about how certain things business owners do inadvertently sabotage their success. 

When I first heard about a lady in my area who was a reiki masseuse I didn't really know what that meant or entailed.  I knew reiki was about hovering hands above a patient and trying to heal them via energy passed from the healer to the patient, yet was unsure what the massage component would be like. 

At the time I was pregnant and having difficulties walking due to bubs pressing on nerves in my hip.  I hobbled into the reiki massage session and lay down on the table and when the lady began, she hovered her hands above my belly and I felt the baby move away from the area that had been causing me grief.  The massage continued and I walked out of their with ease, feeling very relaxed and content.  Prior to going I did worry that having the massage while pregnant might not be good for the baby and yet it was a really pleasant and relaxing experience. The practitioner was good.

She worked from home and had a massage table set up in her study.  It was a beautiful and peaceful setup with water running, soft music playing, she even used her Tibetan singing bowl which was so beautiful and powerful (the first time I'd ever heard one played before).  There was also a small chime hanging in the room which she randomly pumped into each time I had a session with her which I loved because I love the sound of chimes.  The practitioner told me she never bumps into the chimes with anyone else, must be something I need to hear.  

Her downfall was: she did not have regular days or times she saw people so I couldn't, for example, see her every second Tuesday at 5pm.  Her availability times and days varied so much she was often hard to pin down. Also getting a hold of her was hard and would often taken days to get in touch with her.  She also moved her massage area from the library (because she didn't like mixing her favourite place in her house with business) to her bedroom upstairs which felt like an invasion of her privacy, and also so open that I felt exposed when undressing to hop onto the table.  The room simply didn't have the same warmth or peacefulness as the library.

The last time I saw her was after I'd had a car accident.  I'd bruised and injured my joints in the collision and wanted some urgent healing because I was struggling to walk.  It took her two days to get back to me and then another two or so days before she could fit me in to her busy schedule (she had another job outside of her reiki). By the time I saw her it was almost a week after my accident and my body was already healing itself - my bruises were now a yellow green.  To add to frustration she advised me after treatment that the price had gone up $10.  This was not a big issue except that, as expected, I didn't bring enough money with me and she didn't advise me prior to the session. 

In the end I found it too difficult to see her and she gave off a subtle vibe of not really being committed to being a reiki practitioner.  There was no steadiness to her service or her way of being in relation to being a reiki practitioner.  It was all wishy washy and higgledy piggledy, and she would talk about how difficult it was to get customers and how she couldn't leave her full time job until such time as the practice was bringing in more clientele.  She would also talk about the universe and how it must be telling her the time isn't right.  A pity because she was very good at what she did and could have been successful if only she'd decided to commit fully.  

If only she had set days and set hours she worked on her reiki patients.  If only she had a committed room / space to perform her massages.  If only she was easier to get a hold of and response times were quick.  If only she had a newsletter or pamphlet of some sort to advise customers of her availability and prices / increases.  If only she'd stopped putting her potential in the hands of the universe and believed in herself more.  

Have you experienced or known someone who is not quite committed to the success of their business? Leave a comment sharing your experience with us.

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