Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Fur Products

On the JOLI Facebook page recently I posted a copy of an article from Choose Cruelty Free, regarding fur products still for sale in retail outlets. It's an article asking people to be aware and choose another option.

This lead to a discussion about what types of animal products we find acceptable. The responses were rather interesting.

"V: There is a lady in the US that is making fur coats from road kill - it seems ethical as the animals has passed. It does not sit right with me though.
Joli: I find it fascinating that certain things feel ok to us while others don't. We are funny creatures.
V: Never worn fur and I never intend to.
Joli: I was thinking that of myself too, yet ugg boots, sheep skin slippers and leather shoes would come under that title I expect?
M: wow, how interesting.
Joli: I read this article and think: we seem more apposed to fur than leather. Wonder why?

Are you familiar with the show Grand Designs? The host of that show, Kevin McCloud, did series where he built a sustainable shack on a country block. Every item was recycled in some way, from the wood he used to build the shack to the hot water system he made and the shower out of an old unused phone box. It was an impressive and inspiring show.

One of the things he made was a rusty old chair with a leather seat. The metal frame was from scavenged metal. The leather was made from a deer skin. The deer came from a small deer farm in England and the deer farm supplied food for locals. Only some of the deer parts are discarded and deemed un-useful, such as skin.

Kevin felt this was unnecessarily wasteful, the skins being left in piles to rot away because no one wanted them and no one would take them. Kevin prepared the leather himself showing how it's done, which is a fascinating skill.

Some would say this is an awful thing to do, why are those deer being hunted and eaten. Mainly because the town eats meet and deer is a healthier meat for human consumption (considering the things we do and add to our meat: i.e. cows, sheep, chickens). Others would say this is an eco and environmentally friendly thing to do. We each have our own interpretation of the situation.

Which brings me back to what I said above: their are different views on what is acceptable when it comes to the use of animal by-products and the types of animals used. What are your veiws? Share them with us.

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