Thursday, 19 February 2015

More Energy Less Wrinkles

For years I've been struggling with declining energy.  Gradually as I get older I can feel my body getting more lethargic and struggling to feel awake and energised.  Not only that more wrinkles are appearing in places they never use to be, some even hang around for the day because they've decided to befriend me.

One thing I've noticed with the energy drop is I feel better when I limit my carb and sugar intake.  It may be different for each person, though that's what I've found in my case.

I made a list of foods that aid with increasing energy and reducing wrinkles and wanted to share that with you.

Foods high in magnesium are good increasing energy, such as:
Bran (rice, wheat, oats)
Dried herbs
Squash / pumpkin seeds
Cocoa powder
Sesame seeds & tahini
Brazil nuts
Sunflower seeds
Almonds and cashews

Food high in vitamin A help fight wrinkles, such as:
Liver, pate
Paprika, red pepper, chilli
Sweet potatoes
Dark leafy greens
Butternut pumpkin
Dried herbs
Dried apricots

I like to snack on mixed nuts and seeds, love chilli and sesame seeds (very high in calcium too).
How many of those foods to you eat often / daily?

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